Unicycle Service Project

This is a video made documenting the service project my high school club developed this past year. It turned out extremely well and happened be a lot of fun. We hope to continue it next year. Hope you enjoy!

Great job Anna.

Keep up this amazing work with the kids.

Thats great Anna! I think it is great that you are getting the kiddies involved in unicycling while helping them with their school. Great Job :sunglasses:

That’s awsome there should be more stuff like this for our youth today!

Great idea Anna. Thanks for sharing the video.

Nice one Anna, its great when you can teach someone else to unicycle.

Thats a cool activity, I like that much. It is a big fun to teach those kids riding. Maybe some of them we meet in some years here in the Forum :slight_smile:
Great Job Anna!!!

Hi Anna,

It looks like all the kids had fun. How did you work in the vocabulary and reading? It is not obvious to me that part would be successful.

In retrospect, do you think 6th grade was the right age, or would the program work better for older (or younger) students?


Awsome idea, looks like it is a success. :slight_smile: