Unicycle security

I’m currently riding to & from work on a Qu-Ax 24" muni.

Work isn’t a problem, it goes behind my desk, but it would be handy to get some bits of shopping on my way to & from which might mean securing my uni outside a shop (or two). I had a quick search of the forums and it appears that Tesco have problems letting Unis inside (not a problem I don’t go to Tesco), and other retailers might also have “issues”. So whats the best way to secure my Uni outside & get my shopping ?

I’m willing to spend a bit of cash on chains & stuff, but I don’t want anything massively heavy & brutal as that won’t get used

I always leave mine next to a bike if possible. I use a cheap bike lock. It goes through the wheel and through the front handle on the seat and locks onto something. Works okay, and would probably be enough hassle to break that someone would go for the bike first.

It does happen that unicycles get nicked sometimes. John Himsworth got his big wheel nicked from somewhere near the bbc studios in Nottingham, although admittedly I think it might have had a really small lock, and he was leaving it out there all day.

Incidentally, it isn’t obvious who you are, so you might know already, but if you’re in Nottingham, UK and you don’t know, there are quite a few riders around in Nottingham, Leicester + Derby. A lot of us meet up to play unicycle hockey* every Tuesday at Darley Fields in Derby, at 8pm. We also do muni rides and stuff. There’s an email list / google group which we use for organising rides which is worth joining and posting on if you’re up for some muni rides. http://groups.google.co.uk/group/emugroup?hl=en


*Which is way way cooler than it sounds

I have a cable lock which wraps around my seatpost when I am going to be going into the mall (where they really don’t like me wheeling even a freestyle around). The main thing to remember is that a lock is theft deterrent. No matter what kind of lock you have, someone who really wants your bike/uni will get it, especially if it’s out there for a while. Just park your unicycle next to some bikes with really crappy locks (or no locks!) and you should have no problems.

Go to shop.
Put unicycle in shopping trolley.
Wander round shop with uni in trolley.
Pay for items.

That’s what I do, and no one has given me any grief over it yet.

As flyer said: If someone really wants your uni, they will ge it, no matter how big the lock is!

I locked my Bmx up at the college for about 3 hours. It had a chain from a kiddies playpark swing, locked with a hardened steel shackle (That thing was HUGE, it was heavier than your average housebrick!). When I went to unlock my bike, the chain was lying on the floor, cut clean in two! I was devastated, it took me months to save up for that bike!

My advice is, get a proper bike lock with a wire core and fibre outer. That way, if someone wanted to cut it, they would need more than one tool. Chances are a thief will not go to that much time/effort.

Rock on!

Just walk in carrying it and usually security or customer service will run over and take it off you until you’re done shopping. Works for me at my local Tesco.

What kind of store is Tesco?

The whole advantage of a uni for me in the city is that I bring it into the stores with me when I go shopping, if I have to lock it up outside I might as well just bring a bike. The only problems I’ve had is some guy at a post office told me I couldn’t bring it in there anymore, so I just go to another one a couple of blocks away.

riding to the mall

I’ve thought about riding to the mall, but almost no one else does and I would be concerned more about vandalism than theft. I’d rather carry it with me. Is there a good way to sling a uni on your back? Some sort of bag?


i always wanted to know bout that.

Just take it in with you.

  1. you look after it its dafe
  2. they take it and look after it til u finsihed

they aint gunna tell u to lock it up r they… with your invisable lock

get a krypto chain and mini u lock–pretty darn invincible, and then just leave it places. thats what i do,have a lock sitting outside the store so i don’t have to tote it.