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To all: I live in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and am planning a long distance unicycle
trip to Mainland China. My biggest problem is the seat. I can’t go long
distances without really getting sore. The seat I have just doesn’t do it. I’ve
tried sheepskins, toilet paper, knee pads stretched over the seat, etc. but it
just doesn’t do it. Any suggestions from anyone who has ever done a long
distance ride would be appreciated. I know there is a Japanese unicylist who
already rode across Mainland China and the US. I would sure like to get a hold
of him. Thanks. Eric Telfer


Re: Unicycle seats

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>> I have a 24" Norco unicycle that I hesitate to ride because every time that I
>> do, I end up suffering from chafed inner thighs for a few days after. I’m not
>> sure if the problem is caused by incorrect riding technique, overdeveloped
>> thighs, or a poorly designed seat. Since this is the only Unicycle I’ve
>> ridden, I am not sure if my seat is “normal”. The dimensions of it are: 12"
>> long, 3" wide in the middle and 6.25" wide at the ends. The rise from the
>> centre to either end is 1.625". I would appreciate any information on this
>> and other seats that may be available.
>> Harold
>The problem may be caused by inappropriate riding attire. I always wear 2 pair
>of high quality bike shorts when I ride.
> Bill Gilbertson

Good advice from Bill, but I also think your seat is too fat. The seat you
describe is as wide in the front as it is in the back, which is an inferior
shape for a good unicycle. Try to find a seat that is narrower in the front and
you will feel much better, especially if you have big legs. I don’t know
specific places for you to look in Canada.

Good luck!

John Foss Skinny legs unicycle@aol.com