unicycle seat moves, help!

I have this 20" torker which I bought about a week ago and the problem is the seat moves left and right. This is a problem because I can’t even idle or mount it without the seat moving. I do not know the exact name of it but it is a 20" Torker made in China which costed me 120$. The thing that tightens the seat has 2 knobs on each end and this small handle bar attached to a knob and you need to hold the knob and twist the handle and press it in to close it. I try to tighten it as tight as possible but the seat still moves when I fall or turn/twist my waist. This is a problem for me because my unicycle is very difficult to tighten and open and the moving seat prevents me from learning how to free mount and idle without the seat moving. My unicycle looks similar to this one http://images.craigslist.org/3kf3m83of5Y25Q35U2b6b48d90be9fbce1c54.jpg and the knob and handle thing I was talking about is kind of similar to that one in the picture.

I have the same uni, it took a little while to figure out the tightening mechanism xD

So… Pretty easy. Just turn it whatever way tightens it until it’s in a 6 or 12 o’clock position and you can’t turn to the next position.

Then flip the lever and pull it as tight as you can.

No more seat moving.

I just did that and the seat still moves

Are the bolts at the top of the saddle tight? A loose connection between saddle and seatpost will allow movement.

Check to see if the saddle is moving or the post is moving, then assess the problem from there.

You can also place a small plate of iron between bolts to make it tight.

Good luck

The Fix

Hello Sigh,

This is too easy…Let me help you with this. First you must come to the realization of the limits of your Torker (most likely CX). It is a very nice beginner unicycle that has many strong features that make it a very good value for the buck; however the quick release (QR) is just not one of them. Maybe it’s a QC issue; I can only speak of about my CX’s quick release, which is in a word crap. I tried everything (including taking it to a bike shop) but no matter how tight I made the QR it would move after an UPD or two and finally it started to move just by me riding it.

The solution, go down to your nearest automotive or hardware store and pick up a pack of 1/4" - 28 x 1 - 1 1/2 (with hex head cap)" (6,35mm - 28 x 3,81 cm) bolts, a pack of 1/4" - 28 hex nuts and a 7/16" wrench. Remove the old QR and replace it with the above bolt and nut and tighten down the bolt nut assembly until there is about 25/64" (9.86 mm) of bolt exposed past the nut (see the attached picture). Much less and the seat will still move although not at all as bad as the QR much more than this and you will strip the bolt and will have to start all over again.

Since making this mod after a couple of hundred UPDs the seat hasn’t moved not one bit!

Kind of sucks you have to do this but it works. I suppose that alternatively you might take off the QR mounting collar using a torch to melt the tack welds and replace it with a factory made seat clamp but for me this works better since once I really learn how to ride uni I’m going to buy a KH or Qu-AX.

Good Luck,


hey, i am running a Norco Muni with the same thing, i took a pair of pliers to the bolt and got it as tight as i possible could it it still moves…

So i have 2 options which i would do when i actually finesse my riding.

1 - What Sweenytodd said, replace the current handle with a bolt, but and lock washer. This is your best bet being your seat clamp is welded to your frame and will cost maybe 1 dollar to do.

2 - Order a Kris holm double bolt seat clamp off unicycle.com

Theres a lot more direct pressure then a bicycle so it really needs a substantial hold.

I hope in 2 months to “need” a new unicycle, as in i have learned enough i will destroy mine if i continue progressing and buy a nice one =D

Hey TopHatPlus,

I’m not sure which solution you are going to use but if it is the bolt, please let me know how it turns out. I’m seriously thinking of putting together a little kit and selling it on EBay or Amazon. I can’t believe this is an isolated issue.



haha, yeah its kind of sad… i am not to sure… but my seat post clamp is not permanently fastened so i get to play around with it a bit, i find my seat moves on some of the smallest wipe outs… or if i twist to fast (partial wipeout into a fence) so it needs to be remedied… I will post up when i figure something out…


I had the same problem on my torker, I just cranked it as hard as i could. dont worry about breaking the handle either. if it breaks, using a screwdriver as a handle works better than the original.

thanks i had no ideea,

Check your bolts connecting the saddle to the seat post. Also try to tighten the clamp with some pliers just to make sure it is as tight as possible. If all else fails try a new seat post clamp you can get a really good one for $10 on unicycle.com Hope this helps.