Does anyone know when unicycle.se will open and what types of unicycles they will sell. I live in Norway, and am really looking forward to a sweden unicycle shop.

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The shop is actually already running, but not the shopping cart. So give them a call and Peter will describe what they have got.

We hope that the site will be up and running reletively soon. It takes a bit longer than the NZ site because it requires quite a bit of translation work, but I do know that is almost complete.

Peter Sandström I hope will add his more knowlegable comments to this thread later. He has been working away the last few days.


Where is the shop located?

My Norweigan cousin will also be pleased to hear about this, after he came over to the UK this summer and was riding my uni within 10 minutes, and freemounting within 30.

Made me very sick, but pleased at the same time.

Any idea how the taxes and things would work shipping from Sweden to Norway, or would he be better off going for a daytrip?

Hässelby, Stockholm

They do have another website… somewhere…


Öppnar snart Unicycle.se Sweden

Vi har blivit lite försenade. Unicycle.com Sweden skulle ha öppnats nu i mitten på augusti. Vi räknar med att vara uppe och köra om ca 3-4 veckor.

Vi kommer att ha Dodger, Bogglefinger, Nimbus, Pashley , Onza Trials, och Kris Holm unicycle samt videofilmer och tillbehör

Du kan redan idag handla via oss
besök www.enhjuling.nu
eller ring

Peter Sandström
Unicycle.com Sweden

Vet du noe om skatter og bestilling til Norge?
Hvor dyrt kommer det til å bli å sende det til Trondheim, Norge tror dere?
Jeg gleder meg og håper dere får UDC Max Traction med KH sete.

Kan dere skaffe enhjulssykkler fra unicycle.com (KH24)? Blir den da mye dyrere pga frakt?

my magtag!
ek sal nou sweer die ouens praat nou skielik noorweegs hier
dit maak mens darem nou baie deurmekaar
een ding wat my nogal fasineer is die feit dat die maats n baie spesiale sleutelbord op hull rekenaars moet he om al daai snaakse noorweegse karakters te kan tik
maar genoeg hiervan
klaas gaan dink ek’s simpel


Vi glæder os til at se den færdige side om en måneds tid.
Har i en prisliste?
Jeg kan ikke finde nogle priser på enhjuling.nu


I ALMOST understand that. Written Dutch is usually comprehensible, but that post is out of my reach.



Our pricelist is not ready yet for the other Nordic countries, only for Sweden
It will be ready in a few days and also include delivery and tax for Norway.

If you are interested in a Bike which we don´t have in stock, we can take it home for you but it will take some time. The best thing is to mail us and ask and will reply and tell you the price and the delivery time

If you want to contact us directly, our mail adress is:


best regards

HAH! Gotcha!
the reason u couldn’t quite get it despite your passing aquaintance with written dutch is because that was Afrikaans, a language spoken by around 16million people in south africa
it’s official description is ‘a low-franconian language from the dutch, germanic and indo-european branches of language development’

as if u wanted to know

I should have looked at your location. :roll_eyes:
It looks like Dutch to me, but as Leonard Bloomfield is said to have remarked, “If you want to compare two languages, it helps to know one of them.”

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On Wed, 13 Aug 2003 04:15:43 -0500, GILD
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>maar genoeg hiervan
>klaas gaan dink ek’s simpel

Nou, Klaas kan geen Zuid-Afrikaans schrijven maar wel lezen (het lijkt
genoeg op Nederlands). En de hartsvriendin van mijn jongste dochter is
trouwens een Zuid-Afrikaanse.

Belated, off-topic and in a foreign tongue. Can a post get any worse?

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Au Cointreau, can a post get any better?

Raphael Lasar
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