Unicycle School Assembly Ideas


Well me and my 4 or 5 of my friends are doing a pep assembly at our school for homecoming.

I was just wondering if any of you have any cool ideas.

Props we could use.

Just different cool things.

I was thinking I really wanna do a little flat battle but none of them are to good at flat…

we will see.

Thanks again.


Crankflips, unispins, some easy trials (like hopping up some stairs onto a table and jumping off), basically anything that’s easy to pull off 80-90% of the time but looks cool.

You definitely don’t want to be falling off on the first trick :~)

Get the mascot costume and go crazy doing tricks!

Get some volunteers and jump over them.
I’d probably do some flat stuff and jump up some boxes or something like that.

Bear in mind that the most basic tricks, done succesfully, will be way more effective than trying a fakie-flip-out-double-cheese-burger-jump, and not landing it.

Four people riding?

Ride in pairs, hand on the other guys shoulder and have the two pairs ride towards each other. When you meet, have the two inside riders grab hands (or shoulders if they can manage that) and turn around in a tight circle.

Stuff like that.

Remember that the general public has no clue that idling is more difficult than riding.
Any of the other traditional flatland tricks are also fairly ‘bleh’ in the eyes of non-riders.

Riding backwards is more impressive than wheel-walking and a kick-up mount is more impressive than just about any flat-land trick you can think of.

Keep it flowing, keep it moving and try n end on a ‘big trick’.

Above all, keep it short.
Hit them hard, make them go ‘wow’ and get out.
If you’re going to spend more than 2 mintes on that stage, you’d better do open-heart surgery while on the unis, find Osama Bin Laden or do back-flips while still on the unis.

Have fun, and we expect a full report-back, yeah?

jumping people is the best i have found out personaly some other good things are
-skipping while on unicycle
-hoptwist three sixty
-get one of your freind to stand on the crown of the frame and hold onto your shoulder and ride like that

ill write some more later theres a whole heap of these threads anyways

do tricks that you can land consistant, if your really consistant it looks good :slight_smile:


You want to read thru this thread,

followed closely by this thread.

Some good stuff in there.

Too late to edit.

This one is pretty good as well.

Yeah I like that idea.

Keep in mind none of us do alot of freestyle and we are not trying to make it look like a circus act. We want it to be extreme unicycling. Yeah we will do alot of street and flatland.