Unicycle sale. 36ers and a 26er muni.

So in typical fashion, I build and then sell relatively quickly.

Kh 36 with nimbus hub, trp Spyke brake, and shadow handle.

37" race wheel with solid tire. Wheel is a velocity deep v. Fits a 36er frame. Has 102 venture 2 cranks.

Old school muni. Onza splines hub and cranks, Bedford frame, sun double wide rim, Gazz 3.0 tire.

Everything is tubeless.

I’m asking $450 for the 36, $150 for the wheel, and $300 for the 26.

Let me know if you have questions.




Okay, now that I’m at a laptop…

The 36er is two years old, still looks new. The 37" wheel was built last summer and also looks brand new. The muni was built last fall, but I want to build something lighter.

The 36er includes:

TRP Spyke
Nimbus Hub
Nimbus Rim
KH frame
137/165 cranks
Shadow Handle
Fyxation Mesa Pedals

37" Wheel:

Velocity Deep V rim
Nimbus hub
Solid tire
102 Venture 2 cranks

26" Muni:

Bedford frame
Sun Doublewide rim
Onza hub and cranks
Saint pedals
Gazzalodi 3.0 Tire

Prices do not include shipping, I still need to work out some boxes. Sorry for the god-awful pictures.

Thanks again.

Better pics.








Curious about the Bedford:

Frame material (steel I assume)?

Seatpost diam.?

Crank Length ?

Also - looks like the Magura mounts are for a larger wheel? 27.5 / 29 ?

The frame is steel and was sold as a 26 but I see what you’re saying about the magura mounts.

I think it may be the camera so I’ll check when I get home.

I’ll take the wheel. Is the email you had last time we did business still good?

Alice, you have a pm.

Casey, it does look like the Bedford is a 27.5 frame. I never really noticed since I’ve never run a brake on it.

The frame is steel and the cranks are 165.

Email sent.

Thanks for the info. Killian

27.5 frame w/ magura intrigues me, but was more in the market for a 26 originally.


I’m trying to figure out my prospects for fitting a 27.5 x 3 tire in that Bedford frame.

The frame looks like it fits the Gazz 3 OK with plenty of clearance on the top - how much space between the tire and the frame on the sides (or how much total space between the fork legs for a tire)?

Thanks again.

Here are some pics.



Perfect. Thanks.

37 wheel is gone.

Found a freeride saddle for the 36.

Need to get at least one more of these sold before I can start my 29+ build. Fund my project!


Dare I ask if you would ship the 36 to NJ?

I sure would. Cost would be about $70.

I will think about it, debating between the 36er listed here in NY (an hour drive from me) or this one.

Do you have any experience shipping to Canada? If not, I assume Babb, Montana would be a bit less than to NJ?