Уницикл • Россия • Сентябрь (Unicycle • Russia • September) | 2014

Greetings from Russia :slight_smile:

Очень хорошо езда. Спасибо за обмен. Отличные маршруты.
Very good riding. Thank you for sharing. Great trails.

Welcome to the forum!

Enjoyed watching this, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Excellent video. I always enjoy when a video features at least a few UPD’s makes me feel more confident about my own riding ability and ability to improve :slight_smile: It’s motivational to know that even very good riders have UPD’s :P.

Thanks a lot! This is the first video of our team.
First steps.

Haha you should see my videos if you’re not feeling confident

Loved the video and the way each rider joined it. That trail looks amazing for unicycles; the best type of trail is one you can glide along :slight_smile:

Enjoyed both vids. Always like group ride videos and they are good trails for riding, lucky.
Must be an experience learning to ride in falling snow!

Must also be an experience learning to upd in falling snow :astonished:

The second vid was great! I wouldn’t fancy idling, in snow, with a flask of hot liquid in my hand :stuck_out_tongue:

Two lovely videos :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing

Wow. Great mellow muni footage. You guys look like you’re having a blast! Thanks! :slight_smile: