Unicycle Roundup Los Angeles 2007

Hi Everyone,

We are having our third unicycle roundup here in the Los Angeles Area. This is an opportunity for any unicyclist in the greater Los Angeles area to meet other unicyclists in a social setting. You can try out other unicycles of all types and have a great time hanging out. It’s a BYOL event. That’s Bring Your Own Lunch. It will be on Saturday, October 27, 2007. The venue will once again be at Balboa Lake in the San Fernando Valley.

The schedule is on a page on the website at http://unicycleroundupLA.com

This year it should will definately be cooler than in years past. We will gather before lunchtime, then do our park ride as a large group. Finally, we will have lunch after and hang out. I don’t have a muni ride scheduled for the morning yet. If someone wants to organize one, let me know. I am still on the fence about doing a trials comp. The venue doesn’t lend itself to really difficult lines, so we may just have the trials guys go out and hunt around and challenge each other to ride any lines they see. That would be after lunch.

The area where we gather near the children’s play area is under renovation as this is posted. From the progress, the man-made rock formations should be available to ride on by the date of the event.

This is not a mini-MUni LA weekend. That would be at another opportunity.

Post any questions here or PM me. Those of you on the email list, will be getting an announcement shortly, as well.

On a side note, the site layout should be getting some upgrades to make it look a little bit better.

Looking forward to another great event.


L.A. round-up

Sounds great! I’ll do everything I can to be there!

Anyone bringing a 29er or 36er?
Last time I was at the round-up I had a broken arm and wasn’t really able to ride or try one out. I’m pretty keen on getting a commuting/touring uni but would like to compare the two wheel sizes before making a decision.

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to bring one and thanks, Rod, for setting this up again.

Hi Rod

I’m sure to go ! If you need assistance in any way, pls email or call…If there’s a morning muni ride, so much the better & thanks for the opportunity !

BYOL… Lunch? Oh man, I was gonna show up in a leotard. I’m hoping I’m free that day, if so I’ll be there with my Nimbus 36 and a cattle prod (cattle prod uni jousting). Maybe someone can BLFM… Bring Lunch For Me, I like cheese and crackers and a juice box, thanks.

Does anyone have one of the hats with velco that you throw balls at? That would be fun to have a designated hat wearer ride about while others try to stick balls to their head.

If I bring my uni club we can add like 30 people to the event. It sounds really cool. I will see if I can get my club to go north to LA!

Adam, that would be colossal! That’s why we call it the UNi Roundup.

Round 'em UP!!

We are working on the MUni ride for the a.m. Looks like John will be hosting that on Devil’s slide.

Keep those Uni’s rollin!


Yes, we will be throwing down a muni ride that morning at Devil’s Slide, details later. It’s easy to get to, is good fun and no need to shuttle. The plan is to be done with the Slide by 10:30 giving plenty of time to get back to the Roundup by 11:30. Looking like an 8:30 start.

More later.


Ohh healz ya, Im down!

Radness…I’ll blow the conch here in San Diego. Count me in :sunglasses:

Jake goes, I go.


Unis I will bring:

torker lx 20

How about you?

How about we bring a Torker DX24 … with Naomi on it for you Mr. T?

I am joking. I will probably bring my KH20 and my Nimbus II freestyle.


Hmm, i didn’t quite understand that one,( :thinking: ) but as far as Naomi, I’d be great to meet her.:slight_smile: