Unicycle Roundup in Los Angeles


For the past few years I have been organizing the unicycle roundups or unicycle rider gatherings here in Los Angeles. It’s spring time and a great time for a roundup, but unfortunately, I will not be organizing one for the spring.

I have too many things going on during the next few months and can’t take the time away for the roundup.

If anyone would like to take over and organize it, then go right ahead. I can email you the rider list that includes well over 50 riders. Set it up anywhere and anytime.

During previous years, we have had our roundups at Balboa Lake in the San Fernando Valley. This is a great venue. The man-made rocks near the kid’s play area offer some fun trials riding. Just to update on the progresss there - Last November, it was fenced off. It still is, unfortunately, but they seem to be within a month or two of completion. Most of the equipment is in, but they are now working on a cover and that will probably take a month or two to complete.

Let me know via PM if you’re interested or email at teachndad (att) aol (dott) com.


When in doubt, just have it unorganized, funny it may sound, but honestly, just make an official date, they will come, no need to organize it :smiley:

I nominate Terrry aka Uni-Geezer to organize it!