Unicycle "Roundup" in Los Angeles

Hi. Come and meet unicyclists from around Los Angeles at the first ever unicycle “roundup” in Los Angeles.

Location: Lake Balboa in the San Fernando Valley

Date: Saturday, June 18, 2005

Game plan: Bring your unicycle and a lunch. We will gather starting at 10:30 a.m. near(east) the children’s play area. At @11:00 we will go for a short and easy 3-mile ride around the park and onto a bike lane that runs (off street) along major streets. We will return and have lunch and hang out. Bring your Coker, 29er, trials, or just standard 24" Uni.

A longer 5 mile route will be available for Coker and 29er riders as an option.
For trials riders, a simple trials setup will be available, or you can hop around on the man-made rock formations that perimeter the children’s play area.

Bring your family, or spouse. They are welcome to ride along as well! Parents can easily observe their young children at play near our meeting area.

Event ends whenever.

Parking is free and available inside the park. By the midmorning, the lots will have started to fill up, so you will need to park along the inside park road. This is still close to our meeting area Once that is filled, then there is an overflow parking lot just near the Balboa Street entrance.

Please send an email if you are interested to teachndad(att)aol(dott)com

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Rod Wylie

Hey thanks man, a nice turn out, and enough reason to get me back into the Unicycle community