Unicycle Roundup in Los Angeles in 1 Week!

Thanks again Rod for making this happen. The rocks may have been fenced off but that didn’t stop us from playing on them. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it was really fun. Thanks Rod!

Apparently Cody found my computer this morning. I could have slept a lot longer anyway, we got to the muni ride about 40 minutes early.

Thanks Jake and Spencer.:slight_smile:

Despite rain beginning before the start time, we had people showing up. The sun broke out after 11 and more people showed up. Terry rode his Coker off the picnic table, two riders fell on their backs, one, Mark, a newcomer fell while trying to control Cody’s pogo stick. Cody entertained us with balloon animals including a dinosaur riding a unicycle. Yes, the unicycle looks like a unicycle. I claimed a fighting guy for my boys back at home - an “OHHHH, Cooool!!” was the response when I got home. Myles was a atop the hot coals concrete container doing a still stand, as were Terry and Jared. Eyal got the farthest of anyone riding on the curved 6 log set. He was within a pedal stroke of the end. Hey, maybe next time, Eyal. Mark, the newcomer, brought with him some artistic bikes which were a hit. He had a small one made around a Jugglebug that he had made for his niece. I have pix, I will post when I get a chance.

From what I heard, John ran the MUni guys ragged on Devil’s Slide during the MUni ride, or maybe it was late night partying for many of the group…

Thanks to everyone who made it out! Special thanks to John Long for leading the Muni ride down Devil’s slide. Also, special thanks to Mike Sode, who helped me place the signs for the group ride and who held down the fort while I went to the train station to get Myles.

My goal is to have the next one in the spring, next year, most likely in April.


“Thanks to everyone who made it out! Special thanks to John Long for leading the Muni ride down Devil’s slide.”

I really didn’t “lead” anything, Rod. People just showed up and we rode. All the credit goes to you for organizing this. We need to keep it going. It’s a great group of guys.

I gotta get Cody a helmet.


lol thanks Rod but I actually have 3 :D, one form my sponsor one from a friends cause they said I needed one, and one I baught for CMW a few years ago so that I could compete haha

EDIT: Ooops this is Spencers account…well this is Cody of course lmao

…Hey Rod…Thanks a lot for getting me into this crazy muni world filled with the greatest friends one could ever have ! We should keep making the next celebrations better, longer, with bar-b-ques & drinks…like a mini version of CMW…but w/o the inconvenience of sleeping in a campground or motel…lol…

We can all pitch in next time in different ways. At least we can have an idea if we can really hold the next CMW.

Ya thanks Rod for orgainizing it! Didn’t think I’d be able to make it but it turned out I was able and had a good time. Wish I would have had more energy to play around more. Cheers!

Pix are up on the web

Hi everyone,

I just posted the pix up on the web. Take a look. I recommend you click on the slide show link. It’s really nice. If you want to read the captions, you probably should increase the timed intervals to at least 6 seconds. You can also cancel the captions if you would like.


LMAO love the captions…Great pix, Rod!

Looks like fun! Sorry I missed it. We will be at the next one!

haha, my name is spelled with an I.



I am no computer guru, but I finally figured out how to get the most recent group shop up on unicycleroundupla.com. Here’s the pic for all to see.

Myles, Iwyll ficks the speling uhv ur naem in the fotow albumm, sune.