Unicycle Roundup in Los Angeles in 1 Week!

Hi One and All,

(the text below was also sent to all 59 names on my unicyclist email list)
If your in the Greater Los Angeles area, come on down!:slight_smile:

The Uni roundup is a week away! It’s still scheduled for Saturday, October 27, 2007. I had hoped with a later date in the year, we would out-maneuver the heat. Hopefully, by the end of the week, the temps will drop to a more mild 70’s. Cross your fingers.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone again, and hopefully we will see some new faces. There is a Muni ride scheduled for early Saturday morning @8:00 a.m up near Rocky Peak on the Devil’s Slide trail, led by John Long. If you haven’t seen Muni, now’s your chance. The Muni ride should be over by @10:30 and the riders will be over at Balboa Lake with time to hang out before our group photo and the following group ride around the lake.

The complete schedule is posted on the UnicycleRoundupLA.com website at http://unicycleroundupla.com/ Go to the Event Schedule Page.

Directions to the gathering are also available at the UnicycleRoundupLA.com website. These include directions on how to return from the MUni ride to the gathering Area at Lake Balboa.

A quick look at the kids play area, today, showed that it is still fenced off. That only effects us because that’s where some of you guys like to do natural trials. It looks like they are about 75 percent complete. I doubt that they will be done by next Saturday. So, bring your trials unis if you want to, but obstacles are limited. There is a long log line about 50 yards away and a 4.5 foot high fence to ride in that area too. But, the log line runs right up against the road and it’s a narrow road. Safety really needs to be considered here. However, our meeting place is still very much accessible.

For those of you wanting to skateboard afterwards, Pedlow skate park is within a few miles of the Lake and was recently enlarged. http://www.laparks.org/dos/parks/pedlowSkatePK/pedlowskatepark.htm or http://www.skateshooters.com/PEDLOW_SKATEPARK.html

On the off chance that it rains on Saturday, October 27, the event will be cancelled. If rain is forcast or it’s raining on Saturday morning, make sure you check the website prior to departing.

Remember to bring your lunch and any unicycles you have and are willing to share with others.

We will be gathering just east of the Children’s play area. More details are available on the website. I will have a dark green awning up with a simple unicycle sign hanging on it. If I am lucky, I will have my white 96 Honda Minivan parked close to the park road where I can post a sign directing ya’all to the gathering spot. You might want to bring a blanket to sit on. I may not have a picnic table for us, so, we will have to sit on the grass, which sometimes can be wet from sprinklers, the previous night, or the picnic table will be used for jumping on, grabbing to and going to rubber.

I will be wearing a white Unicycle.com T- shirt with a design similar to the riding bikes image from ET on the front. I will have a small camping table set up, where you can initial your name on the email list, just so I have an accurate count of how many people showed up.

One last item, we need someone to watch all of our stuff when we do the group ride. If you know someone that can hang out for about 30 minutes and watch the stuff, let me know.

Finally, if you would like to offer to bring some refreshments for before lunch, let me know.

Looking forward to a fun time.


Rod Wylie

YUS! I was thinking about making a reminder thread myself, but it would have been nowhere as nice or accurate lol. But also in reminder though that the skatepark does not allow unicyclists inside as myself and some fellow riders found out last time we road the balboa lake as a small group.

wait, so all the fun rock things are closed off?

Yeah Miles, it’s closed off. :frowning: I like bouncing on those, too.

Still, the muni ride in the a.m is a fun one with stuff you would like to ride.
I don’t know if that’s enough to bring you up all this way, though.

Cody, when I put the link in there for the skate park, I wasn’t even thinking about uni’s in there. I did it more for some of the San Diego Crew who like to skate board. Call them again, and see. I think the number is in the link above. Never hurts to ask again.

See ya soon!

If you wanna do natural trials just join in on the Muni ride in the AM out at Devil’s Slide. For those who don’t know about the “Slide,” A.K.A., Stagecoach, it’s a gently angled and exceedingly bumpy, 30-foot wide and half mile long rock tongue that has virtually unlimitd potential for gaps and drops on the flanks of the “trail.” You can go just as big and hard as you want on this one. Terry has more photos I’m sure.




i cant figure out where its going to be from looking at google maps. can someone pinpoint it for me please?

Hi Miles,

Good Question.

Use 6300 Balboa Boulevard, Van Nuys, CA 91406 as the end location on a search for directions. This is known locally, as Balboa Lake aka Anthony Beilenson Park.

Hope that helps.

oops, I forgot to say i meant the muni ride.

thank you,

I am not very good with the internet mapping programs. If someone can post the link to a google map or other, that will help. Josh?

Josh had done one for me last year, but something happened to that on the site, and I can no longer pull it up. Website building… arrrggghh.

Okay, I gave it a shot. Here’s what I got. Go here http://maps.yahoo.com/#mvt=m&q2=Chatsworth,%20California&q1=San%20Diego%20California&trf=0&lon=-118.634748&lat=34.2683&mag=3

The map shows the Rocky Peak exit. You exit from the 118 freeway. YOu can only reach this exit from the west bound side. There is no east bound exit.

Basically, Miles, if you head up the 405 north from Sand Diego, Drive 100 miles or so until you reach the interchange with the 118 freeway. Then head west on the 118 about 10 minutes until you see an exit for the Rocky Peak Road.

Take the 118 West. Exit at Rocky Peak Road. Turn left. An overcrossing leads (100 feet) to a stop sign at Santa Susanna Road. Turn right. Take the next left. Go about 1/2 mile, park in dirt on the left. Trailhead is beyond the fence to the right, towards Chatsworth. Then, once the group has gathered, you will gear up, and ride.


great, thanks!

I was just contacted by a reporter that does news bits for the LA City channel. So, we might get some coverage and be on TV. It’s not network TV, but hey, we need all the coverage we can get, to get the word out.

No confirmation as of yet, so we’ll see.

It’s gonna be great.

Hi Rod,
Looks like fun. I wish I could make it, but maybe next time around.


Lol I have an obstacle i could bring but I am havin a problem tryin to find a way to get an 8ft grind rail into my intrepid lol


the only way i can get up there is to take the amtrak, but i would get there around 9:30, in the middle of the muni ride.

so, is anyone (that i know) coming for just the lake thing, and could take me there?


um, could you pick me up rod?

Lol Does anyone know the meanest way to wake someone up? Im at Spencers tryin to get ready to go and me, nor the cat can wake this foo up!!!

kick him hard in the balls. he might kill you though

Wow, Aaron, thanks for thinking about coming all the way down here. We should have one in the spring. Stay tuned!

Now, that’s a thread Jak!

Okay, we are a go! The Roundup is on!

We had every plan of going, but just last night, my mom decided that a 2 hour drive each way is waaaay to far to go for one of 2 uni events throughout the year close enough to possibly attend.:frowning:

So although i begged her desperatly to take me, instead we’re going to be driving even further the OTHER direction to go to a stupid play instead.:frowning:

She tried to make it up by saying she’d take me to a park to ride, and I told her, that that nowhere NEAR compares to LA roundup or any other ACTUAL uni event, because there isnt going to be anyone else in a random park riding unicycles.

man, this sucks :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: