Unicycle roster?

Does anyone else think it would be cool if the unicycle roster was searchable? That way you could find people in the same area/town as you or people with your name/birthday etc…
Does anybody know who runs it?

I’m pretty sure Gilby looks after it.

It would be easier if there was a sub category by state/province/area.
(I’ve tried using ctrl+f but that would require me to try a whole bunch of city names within a couple hundred k’s)


the way i do it is i go to my country then pressctrl+f and it brings up a search word function…i just type in my city name and it ussually works really well…you can just scroll through the listings for your city name.

I guess it works when you’re in a big city but for me I’m looking for ppl within a 100k radius and it doesn’t work as there are a million small towns within that radius.
An example would be I live in cornwall… I ctrl+f cornwall and get no results whereas my brother lives 10 minutes outside of cornwall in St. Andrews. It’s an awefully long list to scroll through.

http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/VBGooglemap.php register here.


yeah hamilton is pretty big…i hadnt thought of the smaller townships or anthing like that sorry.

I think for Great Britian he should put it into catagories on where like Big countys or something, i dont bother checking it now as there are too many people on it!