Unicycle room.

At www.habbohotel.com there is a 3D chat that some of you may have heard of. This is kind of for youger kids, but adults can enjoy it too. In this chat you’re a 3d person, and you can own a room. Now, I’ve made a room called, “The Unicyclist Lounge”. I’ve got furni and such and I just hope people can come and have fun. See you there I hope! And here!

pretty cool, if more people come in it might be better.
I’m so alone:(

just to mention it it’s unicycle lounge;)

Sorry I wasn’t there. You’ll have to PM or something to tell me to meet you there. AIM = SpYdeR v1o MSN= spyderv1o@hotmail.com

Edit: Do you have AIM or MSN? So we could coordinate it. lol