Unicycle rides to the side

So I have been having this problem where my muni and my coker are riding to the side, pretty hard. The coker pulls to the left and my muni, to the right.

Both seats are on rails, both wheels are true, cranks are straight.

I noticed that the rails on my coker where bent on one side. Thinking this was obviously the problem i took some time to bend it back to normal, if not a little past, just in case. And it still pulls to the left… the muni doesn’t seem to have bent rails.

Anyone have this problem? anyone solve this problem?

Try adjusting your tyre pressure.

If one uni leans one way, and the other leans the other then it is unlikely to be the way you’re sitting on it.

You might also find that raising the seat a bit “straightens it out”.

Where are you riding the muni and coker?

It could be that the general location of where you are riding can have a slight angle, and if you have the same route on your coker and muni that you always do, that could be it. But, if you coker and muni the same trails or streets, and have two different reactions, its has to be something else, but it is something to take notice of.

Or of course, do you always dress to the same side?

Mine pulls to the left. I always have to steer a bit to the right just to go straight. I don’t know how to fix it so I avoid level ground. When I climb or descend I don’t notice it as much.

I have this problem as well. My uni goes to the left. It might be the way I ride though. My left foot is the dominant one.

i will have to ride my coker again to see about the tilted streets in spokane. But I remember if being fine when i first got it…

as far as the muni goes, it has been confirmed by forrest and a few other riders that it does ride to the right on flat ground…

Note: you stand on your pedals which is why you dont feel it on climbs and down hill.

that being said… when I ride off the seat of both the coker and the muni it feels fine. which is why i think it has to be a seat problem

It has also been confirmed by forrest that your muni seat is tilted sidways on its rails. This is your problem. :slight_smile:

How to fix this, I haven’t a clue.

Try and work out if it’s the seatpost, rails or saddle… swap parts with other unicycles to see what works. If there’s enough thread on the saddle bolts put a few washers under one side maybe?

Seriously, take the wheel out and put it in the other way round, then ride a SHORT distance (a long distance may unwind the pedals) and see if it tilts the other way. Could be the frame has a very slight twist.

If you’re really keen, turn the wheel round then swap the cranks and ride it a bit further.

If the frame is slightly asymmetrical you can put shims in the bearing clamps, or gently bend the forks.

My 24KH uni seriously runs to the left! I thought it was the seat but its even tilted to the right a mm or so. But then I looked down. The tubes seem fine but the tire distance between the sides was not even. I took it off and put it in the trueing stand. It was leaning to the left by 1/4"! I trued it, put it back but popped the tube. I have no idea how to get these DH tires on/off well. But its close now. I will tighten the spokes on the right a touch more since it looks to be still about 1-2 mm to the left. I’ll try to fix that up tonight on the frame, just keep measuring til the rim is center. I put on my tioga 2.125 tire and will see how a skinny tire works too tomorrow lol. I cant believe my rim was THAT off. I think thats why my uni goes left, the rim was trued to the left.

I went against the rules and put a 2 inch wide bmx tire on to see if I corrected this problem. Yes, it was the wheel was not true to the center! Actually my other KH is to the right so I must kinda pedal to the left. So I cant turn well to the right but it does ride straight now. So the rest is probably me. :o What I did after I trued it in the stand is center it in the uni frame. Until it was center. Then I put a piece of tape on the frame and trued it again and now its probably within a 1/2 mm of being perfect lol. I’m good at wheels. :smiley:

But I wouldnt go about bending a frame that I was told is almost never a problem. Check the wheel first. Spokes are easy to adjust.