Unicycle Rides in Minnesota

The snow is melting and the temp has risen above freezing. That means, it’s time to ride!

Add your name to the e-mail list to get updates on rides around the St. Paul/Minneapolis area this year. All wheel sizes welcome.

These rides are casual, fun, and often organized at the last minute based on weather. We go anywhere from 2 to 20 miles depending.

Join us!

e-mail: cettermclean at hotmail dot com


I’ve put everyone who responded on the email list. Thanks.

If it stops snowing in Minnesota sometime before June, I plan to ride my NEW deluxe 29 (Yuni frame) on these rides! It is sooooooo cool.

Here’s a picture of it with Gus (aka Carroll) Dingemans, who put the cruiser together for me. He’s demonstrating how easy it will be for me to wheel walk on the 29er.