Unicycle riders wanted for Magic Mountain in Los Angeles Area

Hi All,

I received an email from someone from Magic Mountain. He is looking for unicyclists to work at Magic Mountain. Below is the text from his email.

Please contact him if you are interested. I have no details as to the types of riders he is looking for.

Magic Mountain is looking to hire unicyclists for the summer and beyond, call me for more info at 323-254-4007. Thanks, Mark Wenzel

He can also be contacted via email at murzel (att) pacbell (dott) net


Rod Wylie

the funniest thing about this post is while I was there just last week I saw a female clown riding a silver unicycle so i asked if I could try it and the girl saw me riding it along with batman and robin who were both unicyclists. and she said she would love if I came and worked here. But I live in candada so thats a little hard.