Unicycle Ride in Calgary AB

On July 4th I will head into the bush for the day, unicycle until I’m ready to drop dead, and then roast hotdogs and make s’mores. If you want to join me that would be swell! It’ll be in Fish Creek Park and I’ll be arriving at the Glennfield entrance at about 3:00 (Glennfield is near the LRT station) and leaving for the ride shortly after that. A map of the park is here.

PM or email me at darkdaisy [at] gmail [dot] come for details.

Did you want me to post it here?

Their forum is mostly dead - no new posts in 5 months. It got shutdown due to spammers and abuse. I have an account there but rarely visit as there’s so little action. A new post may be emailed out to a few other members.

I may be interested to join you - depends what the rest of my family is up to that weekend.


That’d be great. I looked at joining the forum before, but I thought it was completely shut down so I never tried.

It would be cool if you can come, let me know when you decide!