Unicycle ride for charity in Sothern California 11/17

Hi all, my unicycle club will be riding to raise money for the Orangewood Children’s Foundation who helps out foster kids on November 17, 2007 ! Anyone is welcome to join us and get sponsored. We would love to get more riders as last year the event made the front page of the OC register. All the money raised will go to Orangewood Children’s Foundation. It will be a unicycle-O-thon where the riders will be doing as many laps as possible in an hour. We will give prizes to the top three finshers! I think we will have a seperate contest for different wheel sizes. So come join us at Marco Forster Middle School in San Juan Capistrano at 3:30. If you want to sponsor a unicyclist or need more info about the event e-mail me at abrody@uci.edu. Also, has anyone else ever done a similar ride? I would love any ideas.

I encourage anyone in the Southern California area to join us for this. We have at least one local paper covering the event and I would love to have more riders! Come join us San DIego, Santa Barbara, and LA!

We are being sponsored by the Angels baseball team and the Anaheim Ducks Hockey team owners!! This should be a fantastic event so come down if you are free. Today 14 of us had a fantastic time at Aliso Viejo Wilderness PArk tearing down the hills on one wheel!!

Dang I wish I could have joined you all, but had to be close by for three piano deliveries! I heard it was pretty hot there today, especially at 2pm! :astonished:

ill be there

Wish I could join you guys but I have to work. :frowning: Have fun and good luck!

I hope you can join us sometime for a ride!

Looks like me & Tyler will be in direct competition for the most laps around the 1/4 mile track in one hour. Me on my non-geared 36er with 114’s, and he on his geared uni (34" effective diameter) with 102’s.:smiley: He may have the slight edge for speed, but it should be fun!:smiley:

Look out for Chuck from the UCI club who is coming with his geared Coker. He is by far the fastest rider I have ever seen ride. It will be interesting!

wow! A geared coker would have to be in its own class as you said, just as it wouldn’t be fair for Tyler & me to race against those on 20" unis. A geared coker at 1:1.5 ratio (in the high gear) would be like a 54"wheel! But what the hell, I’m up for the challenge with just my plain old 36er!:smiley:

Btw, how do you plan to keep track of everyone’s individual laps? I plan on wearing my gps which will give precise laps, time, speed and distance.

Here is an article about the event in the local paper

Hey nice writeup Adam! I’m right proud to know you, and to be part of the event this Saturday; you’re doing a really great service for the community and for our sport!:smiley:

Anybody free should join us for tis event today. I am expecting between 20 and 30 riders! We will ride for charity then play some fun uni games!

just got back from the ride and it was great we raised over $3000

It looks like we raised about $2800, rode 128 miles as a group and had over 25 participants!!! It was a lot of fun and it will help out orange county’s foster kids!

nvm almost $3000

I just got back too, and I had a blast! Wow, what a challenge to ride with Chuck and Tod, both in their early 20’s and also riding tricked out cokers! They came in first and second, respectively, with Chuck clocking 53 laps, and Tod at 50. I came it at a respectable 49 laps! :smiley:

We all had one hour to complete as many laps as possible on the 1/4 mile track. After time was up, I decided to KEEP GOING an do another 2 laps! I wanted to do my age in laps haha.

Thanks to Adam for organizing the event! The OC register was there and they’ll have video of the event online next Monday, and also a newspaper write up coming out on Thanksgiving.

The Unicycle-A-Thon Charity event (held Saturday, 11/17/07) will have video and a write-up on Monday & Thursday here: http://www.ocregister.com/

This info was provided by the photographer who shot the event, so I’m, assuming he’s correct!:smiley: I’ll be watching for it.

PS: We were all looking forward to seeing Tyler’s Homemade geared 26er in action, but right off the bat there were mechanical problems, so he had to ride his KH trials instead.:frowning: His did manage to give us a “test” run prior to the start of the event, and he was really moving! :sunglasses:

i wanna know who raised the most

Ok the write-up and VIDEO can be seen here: http://www.ocregister.com/news/brody-unicycle-event-1926485-san-juan