Unicycle resurrected by $7 (and introduction)

I received this unicycle as an early teen (probably 1981, possibly 1982). As you would imagine it’s a “made in Taiwan” special, Zephyr.

I learned to ride straight a bit, but it mostly hung in the garage while I pursued juggling, soccer, and other interests. In my late 20s I played around with it a little more, then put it aside.

2 years ago, age 49, I replaced the tire and tube and started practicing again, but I just couldn’t keep the seatpost from twisting. It didn’t take a drop of the uni, just a few pedal rotations was enough, so it went back up on the wall.

Now at 51 I finally want to get serious about learning. I was resigned to just picking up a 24” Nimbus, but I came across threads suggesting a double bolt clamp. 2 days later (on my 51st birthday) I had a Nimbus double bolt clamp from UDC in hand.

Within a few tries, from a curb mount and pushing away from a fence, I completed 30+ (ugly) full rotations. Today I completed 50 and 57 rotations within a few tries. A $7 seatpost clamp saved my unicycle from the uni graveyard and got me back in the uncomfortable) saddle.

I’ll return to working on my free mounts and riding now, and my next purchase is likely to be a 26” Nimbus Oracle after the holidays!

I’m glad to be here. I’ve read this forum on and off for years, and rec.unicycling and rec.juggling for years before that.

Grats on getting back to it, and on the cheap fix!

The uni still looks pretty, too.

Congrats on your renewed interest and progress. If you can ride with THAT seat, you’re going to LOVE your new unicycle in a few months! After your seat post clamp replacement, you might double check that your left pedal is still on the left side, and the right pedal is on the right side. Your pedals will eat your crank threads if you’re riding “backwards”.

That seat hurts just looking at it

Good news, I suppose, the seat developed a crack in the metal when it fell today.

Looks like I have an excuse for another UDC order. Since my current seat mounts on a straight seatpost (without the top mounting bracket), I’ll pick up a Nimbus 22.2 x 300mm seatpost as well.