Unicycle Reporters wanted !

Maybe you still see the news about unicycle.tv here in the Board.
To make the Live Stream of Unicon 13 as attractive as possible, we are looking for some sport reporters with a high skill in the international unicycling szene.
We would like to stream the sound in german and english and so we need a lot of Reporters for comments, interviews and Information.
Our intention is that also “non unicyclists” could watch it and could understand whats going on there on the screen with all that people on broken bikes :slight_smile:
If you could imagine to do that Job well, please contact us under reporter@unicycle.tv

email probs

Hey Folks,

we are not kidding you. We want you.
If some of you try to send us an Email, it maybe failed caused on some problems with the mail server. Please leave a note here in the Board again.

Be a part of Unicon 13 and explain the world why unicycling is the best !

Hi! It sounds interesting. You may get more response if you can give a few more details like:

Does the person have to be bilingual?
Does it pay?
will transportation costs be covered?
Do you want broadcasting experience or just a unicyclist that knows his/her stuff and can talk a good game?


Hi podzol, thanks for your reply and your tips so I will told some more about it.

The person don’t have to be bilingual. I think we would be able to communicate in English and we want to stream the comments in German and in English at the same time. So it will be OK if you only speak English !

I think that we couldn’t pay for it some money cause it is a non commercial project. If we all do well and it will be a big success there will be a little money in the end but it is not sure now. But accommodation should be paid completely by Unicon so you don’t have to spend some money.

I don’t think that we could cover the transportation cost, We hope for people from the US / Australia / Asia or where ever that plan to come to the Unicon anyway. They could also be a part of the Unicon, no one will be a part of all types of riding and so there will be some time.

We would like to broadcast in normal words to make it understandable to all people who are interested in. Depending on who is joining us we could also think about one “Expert Round” each day as a special Part of it.

There is still no fixed concept and the Commentators should be integrated in making the Concept.
I think we should bring a new style of Sports Entertainment and set a sign to the World that Unicycling is an very exciting Sport.

Feel free to ask for more Details !

A happy new year to all of you !!!

CNAME’s causes DNS polution.
Just don’t use it, give clue, especially not at the top of your domain.

@leo: yes it seems to be a cname prob and we are actualy trying to fix it together with the provider today.
Thx for support !

email is fixed

We could fix the email probs. Thx to Leo !
Now its on you !!!
Is there really no one interested in or able to do it ?
I can’t believe it :slight_smile:
It would be very boring for the people to look for example the races without any comment.
They need some competent words from YOU for sure !

I would absolutely love to get involved in this project as it is what I do for a living, only better.
Unfortunately I will be unable to attend Unicon 13.
If you want reports from Johannesburg, South Africa about how badly I wish I was there, let me know. I’ll be happy to oblige.

In that case I will give insight to unicycle.tv about the plans we talked about for unicyclist.org’s:


@ GILD & leo

Thanks for involving us !
I think that will bring us a big step closer to the target :slight_smile:
Looking forward to meet you Leo (sorry but South Africa is to far)

By the way, there is a new movie on http://www.unicycle.tv . It’s Street and Trial but very funny and well done by Owen.

And maybe there are still some invisible Reporters ???