Unicycle Rentals?

When traveling one can often rent bikes. Does anyone offer unicycles for rent? It would be convenient if I could rent a unicycle next time I fly to Boston, for example. I realize the market is very narrow. Does anyone see a way to make unicycle rentals viable?

Last time I brought a unicycle along on a trip I paid two $35 luggage fees (as the second bag). If I paid this money instead to a unicycle supplier it would go to a better cause.

A different option would be to have a national or international consortium of unicycle riders agree to rent out a unicycle to travelers in the area. One could set up a standard contract along with some kind of insurance and liability agreement, and any unicyclist could join the consortium and rent out their extra unicycle to travelers. It sounds complicated, but it might be workable.


Or even lend. I’d be up for it.

I stayed at a campsite near Amsterdam (Camping Zeeburg I think). They had an on-site bike rental facility that had a unicycle. I’m not sure if they rented it out or not. I expect a few bike rental places will have one knocking about the place. It was a cheapy learer, so it’s probably not gonna stand up to trials.

I would just try to get in contact with local riders in the area. We seem to be a friendly bunch, so not only might you be able to borrow a wheel, you’ll also be bl to get some company.

In such small community maybe it can be done similar way to couchsurfing/hospitality club where you offer a place to sleep.
But anyway not so many people own spare unicycles.

when I went to Moab munifest I was suprised to see a bike shop who did rent a Muni!
so may be next time!


Let me know next time your in Boston, and I’ll do my best to hook you up. We’ve already talked. That was easy!