Unicycle rentals in St. Petersburg Beach

Does anybody know if any of the bike rentals at St. Pete’s Beach rent unicycles?

St. Petersburg… Russia?

St. Petersburg… Michigan?

Anyway, the bad news is that I’m not aware of anyplace that rents unicycles. This thread might be a fun place to list the few places where you can publicly rent a unicycle…

St. Petersburg Beach Florida, USA

remember: there is one in Moab (a clunky 26" Muni for rent) Chile Pepper bike shop

when are you going? Might check craigslist, find a cheap uni to beat on then donate to some kid if you can’t take back. Just an idea.

That’s a good idea, thanks. While we’re discussing unicycle rentals, it raises the question of unicycle dealers with showrooms to shop and compare new products. Does anybody actually have showrooms with new unicycles, or is it all internet sales?

Some stores do but not many. I believe Gudurix does as well as CDK. I think UDC might swell but people who have been there will know far more than me.

CDK is a store before being a retailer, so pretty much everything on the website can be seen in the shop in Lyon. Unicycle Mecca in other words!

Lol; that was my first thought also;
looking it up learned me the Gulf of Finland is much closer than I always thought.

I forget sometimes that I’m communicating to a global community! Sorry for the confusion. But while we’re discussing it, does St. Petersburg Russia have a beach?

Not exactly an ocean kind of beach, more a harbour-place, so not the most attractive beach, but maybe some challenge for muni!