unicycle related sweating


recently as i’ve been getting into to riding 1-8 hours a day i’ve noticed that i’m sweating far more than i ever have done. I noticed this on my firnd first and told him he looked like a greased pig! he replied that i did to and i saw the horror that is massive patches of sweat.
This is getting really annoying and frankly embarrisng when i stop and talk to people while carrying a swimming pool in my t-shirt.

does this happen to anyone else and is it just a fact of unicycling life?

Also any help with this sticky situtaion would be much appreciated.


If you simply turned into an animal with no sweat glands your problems would be solved! I saw a documentary once called “Teen Wolf”, look there for research.

Try this

Well… thats the “problem” if you do sports :wink:

i use antiperspirant like most normal people, thats why its weird

It’s probably your age - your sweat glands are beginning to really work now!

curse this stupid age! damn you 13.

It doesnt get better the older you get. Unicycle makes you sweat, period. Some people sweat more than others, but the fact is unicycling is one hell of a work out.

Try some baby powder or Goldbond. It will help a little bit, but the only thing I found that works well is cold weather.

lol even the uk wont give me cold weather at the moment though.

Ive been lookig this up and apparently you can get really strong antiperperant by perscription from your doctor. apparently if you sweat loads you have “hyperhydrosis” a really scary word for a simple thing

I doubt you need that mate. There is a weaker version called Perspirex (or something similar) which you only have to apply weekly.

I never cared too much. Fresh sweat doesn’t seem to put people off too much. I never get too sweaty up top anyway. It’s the crotch sweat that gets my goat.

It’s a fact of life with any exercise.

I wouldn’t go for the prescription antiperspirant unless you’re “sweating loads” at rest in cool temperatures. Under normal conditions (when your body’s overheated), sweat actually does serve a purpose; circumventing it will only make the problem worse.

As mentioned in the numerous “random facts” threads; Pigs don’t sweat…(But they ride unicycles though)

Wear a wicking, easily dryable shirt. (Not cotton) and you can sweat all day and not be uncomfortable.

thanks for all this guys

I think ill try getting some perspirex and see what happems

I’d causion using antipersperant over regular deoderant. Some reasurch suggests it may contribute to cancer.

When I’m not exercising, I don’t neccessarily wear deoderant. If I’ve been using antiperspirant recently, later in the day I absolutely reek and it’s not a regular BO odor. That doesn’t happen if I’d been wearing regular deoderant.

Sometimes I wet my whole shirt and wring it out. It keeps me cool and doesn’t look as bad as big sweat spots IMO.

I’ve had a hard time finding one of those that doesn’t absorb more BO each time I wear it, and is reasonably priced (prefferably $20 or less).

Sweat doesnt realy smell, its the bacteria that grows from it that smells.

Im not completly sure but I think, if you want to get the girls, fresh sweat is good. It has alot of natural feramones (sp?) which is atractive to girls, I think.

works for me haha

I sweat crazy amounts, I hate it, makes me uncomftable, its one of the main things that stops me riding and makes me break.

It happens unfortunately, I sweat like crazy when I’m riding. Streams of water will actually trickle out of my helmet on hot days when I angle my head a certain way. Its gross.

As far as not having a soaked shirt, I second the advice of not riding in cotton. It doesn’t even have to be advertised as moisture wicking, as long as its not cotton most shirts will fare a lot better.

Unicycling is hard work… Last week I went for my daily ride, took my shirt off before riding up The Hill to my apt (it’s long, and upwards), took a few min when I got home, drank some water, took a cool shower for 10 min, got out… and I was STILL sweating. Gross! But just part of the game. In the winter riding home, I’ve taken off my boarding helmet (keeps my ears warm) and had my sweaty hair freeze as steam rises from the helmet :wink:

I am the same as most of these guys. I have to make sure not to wipe my gloves on myself or they will be coated double over in sweat. But seriously would you complain for sweating while playing football? It is a sport you know! :sunglasses:

I sweat a lot when unicycling too. It doesn’t bother me too much if it isn’t too obviously visible. I got myself some black biking shorts that don’t look different in sweaty areas than in dry ones. On the upper body I don’t find it as emberassing. I have had a lot of trouble recently getting a sweaty bum not only from unicycling but in any physically or mentally challenging situation. My back sweats a lot too. It might have to do with the fact that I used some of the real serious antitranspirants on my armpits for a while, when I was very worried about sweaty spots on my t-shirt. I quit using that stuff now, also because I heard it might cause cancer… In any case, worrying about your sweating will not make things better, try to accept it and get clothes that dry quickly and don’t look too weird when they get wet. I have been through a lot of embarrassing situations due to my sweating, but I think it gets better slowly but surely. When doing an extreme sport like unicycling, sweating is just a part of it that has to be accepted.

I’ve found that absolutely nothing can compare to unicycling in terms of sweating and feeling tired. I can feel like I’m barely working and sweat a hundred times more than running a mile.