Unicycle related Death?

i know of one incident, surprisingly close to home this one is kinda weird.
does anyone know of other incidents?

No, but nearly.


Hmmm not going to show my mum this thread…

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Precisely why I only ride bike trails. Way to many scary close calls road riding and distracted drivers. Cell phone distractions have changed everything.

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In Australia it’s illegal for drivers to touch their mobile phones.

It’s illegal here, too, but that’s not keeping them from reading messages, answering calls and taking pictures when driving…

What always annoys me in such articles is that they always tell you things like “riding at night is dangerous”, " riding that road is dangerous" ignoring the fact that it’s cars that are kiling peole, not roads or darkness. Why don’t they say “you shouldn’t drive cars at night becaus you could kill a pedestruan/unicyclist/cyclist”?


Those articles are depressing I feel this video is accurate how most of us are going to die on the roads


Just when you thought it was safe to ride your local bike trail an E Biker flies past you at 35 miles an hour weaving between you and the roller blades 20 feet in front of you. Yikes they are becoming alot more prevalent on the bike trails. I don’t have any thing against them in fact I would like to own one myself, I’m just wondering if and when we will start seeing e bike bans on some trails.

Once they hit critical mass no doubt regulations will kick in, with much hand wringing on both sides.

For crowded bike trails it would probably just make good sense to have a speed limit.

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I know I won’t be breaking any speed limits on my uni.


E-bikes are banned from paved bike paths and local trails nearby. And there is zero enforcement. So far I haven’t had any problems with them. I see E-bikers riding up hills in high gear, their legs making a pedal rotation about every three seconds, applying just enough effort to each pedal stroke to avoid deep vein thrombosis. I stopped and chatted with a gentleman on an E-bike, the other day. He asked me from where and for how much he could get a unicycle like mine. Turns out he commutes 20 miles, one way, to work on his E-bike. He was on his way home. I can forgive that. But, in general, I consider E-bikes a sign of the end times.

Actually, where I live there are already pretty strict regulations of e-bikes. Their engines can have max. 250 W output and the power must gradually phase out as you go faster with 0% help at speeds of 25 km/h and above. If the e-bike does not comply with those regulations it cannot be legally driven on bike paths and without license plates, driver’s license and a liability insurance, it cannot be driven on roads either. I find these rules very sensible and I see no hand wringing from either side.

There are hardly any problems with e-bikes here as a result - on bike paths it’s mostly used by older people who don’t have the strength to pedal uphill sufficiently fast. Fit road cyclists are much faster than e-bikers on tarmac bicycle paths.

In NL it is illegal for bicyclists to touch their mobile phones even. Still hoping to get caught by the police when I do the same while riding uni, since technically I’m a ped :slight_smile:

or they should say “you shouldn’t drive cars, because you could kill a pedestrian/unicyclist/cyclist”

Sounds like Dutch regulations. Here we have something called speed pedelecs, which look like bicycles, but can ride up to 45kph. Therefore they are classed as mopeds and a helmet is mandatory to wear on them. One also needs a moped/car driver’s license to ride one.
In DK I used to ride on the side of the road a lot, but people like to speed there and there isn’t much police around to check on peeps, which is nice when ur driving yourself, but while on uni, it can get quite dangerous. Nowadays I mostly ride in the forest on either cycle paths or off-road. Cars are not allowed in the national parks, nor are mopeds. I reckon the most dangerous means of transportation there are horses ^_^. They scare easily. Last weekend while riding a dirtroad , I stepped off to walk past a girl with her horse and hopped back on. The road was kinda bumpy and if I’d have UPD’d Im sure the horse would have had quite a scare.

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I’d be fine with this. :grin:

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I’ve been hankering for a 72v sur-ron for awhile now. Price has kept me at bay for the moment.