Unicycle refurb help

I’ve retrieved my old unicycle from my parents house. I figured it was worth salvaging! I got it when I was 11 and we had to cut the seat post so I could reach the pedals!
I’m now 5’8” so hoping a new seat post, tyre and inner tube will be enough. Is there anything else I should be checking? It’s a 20” Pashley

Change only the seatpost. Maybe swap your MTB pedals
with your Pashley’s and try feeling the difference. If you like that gripper pedals, than change them.
Your tire seems ok and also if your inner tube doesn’t leak air go on with it.

Do not spend too much money on it, just ride it. If you’ll fall in love with unicycling, you’ll spend a lot of money, so save them now

Hey folks, there’s a good picture of a Pashley unicycle saddle! It looks like something a Nun might wear on her head.

Those seats aren’t most peoples’ favorite, so if you’re having trouble finding a longer post of that type (used to be super common but might be hard to locate now), buy a matching post and saddle to fit the diameter of your frame. That is, measure the diameter of your existing post.

Thanks I’d actually come to the conclusion I’d need a new seat after looking for seat posts!
Any recommendations?

What’s the diameter of the seat post? If it’s 22.2mm then it may severely limit the saddle choices with a standard production product.

It’s 25.8, nearest size I’ve found is 25.4

I’m finding all sorts of 25.8mm no clamp seatposts on ebay.

The biggest difference will be felt in the points of contact:


  • Saddle: that one's awful.
  • Pedals: you can get nice ones fairly cheaply and transfer them to your next uni or to a bicycle depending on how things turn out.
  • Hand grip/handle on seat: you don't have one. [/LIST]

    The choice of tyre/tire is also an important variable.

    I had an earlier model of Pashley but with a broadly similar saddle. You really would benefit from a modern saddle with the built in hand grip. That will mean a new seatpost. Check the diameter before ordering. Problem is, that would mean spending quite a high percentage of the value of the unicycle on the upgrade.

    However, on my old Pashley UMX, with a lousy seat, no handle, and cheap pedals, I rode many miles around the local nature reserve, and performed many times when out with the Morris dancers. It is not as easy to ride as a modern uni, but it is rideable.

  • But can those 25.8mm seatposts connect to a unicycle saddle? If the seat post uses a rail attachment for a bike seat, then you’d need to find a rail adapter that can fit a standard/comfortable unicycle saddle like a KH to that seatpost. I think those are pretty rare. I have one that I bought long ago that connects a 22.2mm bare seatpost to a Miyata unicycle seat.

    Another alternative is to use a 25.4mm seatpost and use some kind of shim to size it out to a 25.8mm seatpost. I have shims on my 29" and it works well enough.

    If the OP is intending to keep his current ball break… err, seat, or get another vintage seat with rails, then his current seat clamp assembly should work just fine on a 25.8mm no clamp post. If the OP wants a modern seat, then he will probably need to do as you suggest and shim a 25.4mm post. But he might need some assembly paste to help prevent slippage with the frame’s seat clamp. I guess a third option would be to have someone fabricate a custom post, which would be an easy job for someone with a lathe and a welder.

    SHE has a now got a 25.4mm post and new saddle for HER unicycle. I’ll be fitting it this weekend.
    :joy::joy: I’m an engineer by trade and everyone gets my gender wrong. Lots of confused faces when a girl rocks up! :girl:

    Will keep you posted how I get on. Looks like a pretty easy job to sort with the slight size difference.

    :D:D:D A girl engineer? Burn the witch! :D:D:D