Unicycle rack, & unsupported touring

I’ll check that book out : ) if nothing else, it’ll give me a way to focus on something other than wanting to leave today ; )

Jtrops, that’s quite a setup there :slight_smile: but what happens if it has rained?

As I mentioned before, you can do the same thing with the hennessy, it’s pretty versatile in that respect. I figure I could do this with it if I can’t find trees

What did you say you would use under that tarp?

I thought you were just going to tie the rope directly around the tire, and lay the seat on the ground, then you wouldn’t need to lock the wheel.

What kinda tent spikes?

I just used aluminum tent stakes, but you could use sticks if you need to. I have spent many rainy nights under a similar setup without getting wet. The key to staying dry in any tent is setting up on high ground.

The setup I did the other day would need to be pulled tighter before I think it would really perform. If it’s really windy you will want the sides of the tarp close to the ground.

I would get a 12’x10’ lightweight coated ripstop nylon tarp. I used to have one that packed super small with the cord, and stakes.

Holy Cow! I looked up the book on Amazon. $84.75 for a new copy. What the crap? It’s a paperback.

There is a LOT of good info and stuff but $84 bucks is CRAZY!!! WTF?

See if you local library has it. That’s where I ran across it.

Well, digging this back up again. This an official request. This tour is 98% sure gonna happen. This week next year is the starting week, trans-america route (all mapped out, very scenic, very awesome, very epic, 4200 miles) east to west.

If you would like to come with me on this trip, it will be mostly unsupported, I’m sleeping outdoors most nights, I’m not opposed to someone wanting to stay in hotels, as long as they don’t mind being alone : P. This is an official invitation to all : ) I’d love to have at least one other rider with me, and the family would feel more comfortable as well.

Within the next few months, I’ll probably get a website up and perhaps find a charity to donate to. It is still a year away, but it’s a lot of planning, and I’m reeeeally excited.

My main goal is really to see if anybody out there is even interested, there’s obviously plenty of time to back out.

Wish I could do this with you. Sounds awesome. Just to much time for myself and I need to do “more important things”. Good luck with your trip man and have fun!

Also thanks for the interesting read and info you provided via this thread.:slight_smile: Be using it for some trips I may go on. Especially that book.

Sadly, I won’t be joining you. I am interested in your route, and if you are coming through Colorado it would be fun to ride with you for a stretch. I have two young kids which makes this more of a dream, but who knows by next year it could come together. A couple of days on a self supported uni trip would be a nice diversion.

I look forward to seeing your website, and your route. Good luck finding like minded uni people.

Sounds like it will be quite the trip. Having another rider will be a great benefit, so hopefully someone will want to join you. Sharing the weight of an actual tent, a cooking set, etc, would be nice.

Trans-America via unicycle is not high up on my list of adventures right now. Any reason why you have chosen that, other than the fact that it is “the” classic epic American cycling route? I think I would much rather do the pacific coast route, or spend time cycling in the mountains. Maybe that is because I have driven across the midwest plenty of times.

When you come through Colorado, I’ll be happy to ride with you for a day or two. Good luck with the planning - planning is kind of addictive when it comes to these kind of adventures, I remember getting obsessed about gear and planning was kind of an adventure in itself.

: ) thanks. It’s kinda funny though, I got a lot of good ideas from this thread, but nothing really about a uni rack. I went to the outdoor store the other day and looked at some really nice hiking bags, and I think that’s what I’m going to go with. Just try to keep it as light as possible, and keep water (weight) on the frame. When I got the Naomi saddle, it gave me the capability of having a seatpost mounted rack, so it fixed my rack problem if I choose to have one. People have been mentioned the knee issue though, which has turned me off of a rack.

I’ll be sure to post up when I get the website up : )

well, I’ve never been out of the south west US : ) and I want to see as much of the country as I can. I thought the classic route would be the best. It’s all new to me, it’s a long enough route to quench my thirst for adventure, and I get to see ALL of the country from it’s birth of development all the way across : ) I agree, a coast tour is definitely in order down the road, but I’ve always wanted to get away from home, and this gives me a way to get away from everything I’ve ever known mentally and physically. That’s another reason I’m riding east to west, simply because I live in the east.

I’d love to have another rider : ) even if only for a little while, I hadn’t thought of that, but I’ll have to intersect with a few people on here as I go, it’d be fun to meet people from the forums as I go. I think a lot of people are Sothern California though : P

Naomi saddle + a lot of weight from a backpack sounds harsh, although I have never tried one before, I would think that more padding would help with that extra weight on your back though.

…also one warning: once you ride for a few days in Colorado, you are going to want to move here, it happens to the best of us =]

yea, but the brooks idea is holding up so far, hopefully with padded shorts it’ll be even better : ) I’ve always been a fan of less padding

I can stand a little bone soreness, it’s the chafing I’m worried about. The weight on the seat is a definite concern, but I’ll do a little mini tour during spring break to make sure that will work out. I also have the option of putting a little more soft padding on it, I have a KH saddle cover if I need it.

don’t give it away!!! gotta see it for my self ; )

just a quick tip with buying back packs- If you buy a big one you are likely to find ways to fill it. If you want to keep your weight down, get a pack that is impossible to fit lots of crap in- thus keeping your weight down.

I did 2000km/28 days self supported touring here in Oz a couple of years ago- i probably carried too much stuff because i just used my current 60l hiking pack.

If i were to do it again i would make sure i had brakes, a bivy bag instead of tent, and a set of metal tyre levers- my plastic ones broke trying to get the TA tyre off the rim and i ended up using a spoon and my bog trowel to change tubes and it was a PITA (pre streatched 29" tubes are the go).

Also, get a helmet mounted mirror (a must to be safe on roads especailly if there are trucks/caravans on it). I was nearly sucked under a logging truck that passed me when i was riding on a road with no verge- the next day i got the mirror and kept one eye on the road- the other on the road behind me.

Cycling nics are a must- and some anti bacterial cream so you don’t cultivate stuff in your pants after a few days of riding and no washing. On that note- merino wool thermals are awesome- keep you warm and do not stink up as quickly as synthetic ones do.

hope your planning goes well and the ride is a success

Damn, Mark, 2000km’s in 28 days is very impressive. Where did you ride? Not wanting to hijack the thread, is there a write-up somewhere on it?
My daughter will be heading over to Canberra in June / July for the Kowalski / ACT Road champs. I went over for the Kowalski last year (out at Mt Stromlo). There’s some nice riding around Canberra.

Back on thread, I agree with your back-pack point. Whatever you have, you will fill, and more is not better. In the 1980’s I spent about 6 months riding around Indonesia (on one of those two-wheeled contraptions) and only carried about 2kg of gear with me. Such things are a little easier in the tropics, though :roll_eyes: .

So, where are you with this adventure plan?