Unicycle rack for my motorcycle


I just posted an entry on my blog about my new project. A unicycle rack for my Harley!

Here’s the construction process and images: http://www.corbinstreehouse.com/blog/index.php/2008/04/unirack-unicycle-rack-for-a-harley-davidson-motorcycle/

And the picasa pictures: http://picasaweb.google.com/corbin.dunn/HarleyUnicycleRack

And, to save you some time, a few pictures embedded:


great job corbin I love to see and read unicycle related inventions.Where does the rack rest when not carrying uni? I think that rack would look much better on a sportsbike instead of that armchair on two wheels but thats just my personal preference.:wink:

'Round here we call them gynecologist chairs… :roll_eyes:

I’m not so sure about the stand fitting on a sportsbike though, I feel it’s a bit too upright.

Hey, sweeet, Corbin! So you did it! And it looks like there won’t even be much wind drag on the wheel, because it pretty much fits behind you!

Do you think you’d be able to carry your Coker on it?


Reminds me of a rack somebody built for a scooter - I’ll see if I can find the thread…


EDIT: That was easy - here it is

Wow… I’m gona have to try that when I get my moped…

LOL! I do have a Honda RC51. That thing is much faster than my 'ol 1200 Sportster, but it would have been a nightmare to make a rack for it. When the uni isn’t on the rack, it just sticks up; but, i can loosen the bolts and it will fold down and sit on top of the rear wheel well cover.

Chuck – yup, I made the 'ol rack. It won’t fit the Coker. Louise was already paranoid that I fit the KH 24 on it, and the coker would stick up wayyy to far.

I rode it to Santa Cruz yesterday, and to work this morning (aapl) and it does great at freeway speeds.


it looks like some kinda weird and awesome sissy bar lol

Hey Corbin, nice…umm…rack. When did you get a Harley?

I’ve had it for years and years! Say, 2001?

In general, my uni-buddies don’t know about it, since I couldn’t ride it and take a uni with me. Now things have changed!


Cool! I didn’t know you rode “powered bikes.” Maybe you’ll let me try it out sometime? I have the endorsement on my license, but haven’t used it much since I worked for the driving school in NY.

The first time I ever saw Floyd Crandall (of the old Pontiac Unicyclists; early unicycle champion and original holder of the Guinness 100m record), he came riding up to a practice at the Redford Unicycle Club on a motorcycle with his old Schwinn strapped on the back. He had it laying flat, with the seat sticking out to one side. Probably just bungees holding it down.

On a sports bike/crotch rocket you’d want to orient the unicycle more aerodynamically. Like tilting it way out to the rear at a 30 degree angle or so! :slight_smile:

Honda RC51 yeah now thats a good motorbike.I’m riding an 18 year old GSXR750 but I’m due to update soon.Heres a video of my daily commute.


Of course! I remember you mentioning that you used to teach the class on how to ride, so you are welcome to ride my powered bikes whenever you want.

Maybe you can make it down to the south Bay or Oakland area for an RTL training ride sometime soon. We should have a schlumpf fest one day.


how about a motorcycle rack on your unicycle?:smiley:

I’ve been trying to make it down. This Saturday is a possibility; we have to be in San Rafael late afternoon so a ride could happen!

The Schlumpf is fun too, though I doubt I’ll try to bring it to RTL. I just completed a 5 mile leg at 15.8 mph average! That’s on the flat, of course…

This weekend is the Maker Faire: http://makerfaire.com/

At 5pm on Saturday, there will be a fashion show that Ashley has created some costumes for. Several of us (Louise, me, and some Berk people) will be on the catwalk on our unicycles!

So…no Cokering for us this weekend.