Unicycle race

Has anyone done this unicycle/mountain/cross bike race? There is one coming up in Feb…

Monster Cross and mountain bike
Chesterfield, VA, Sun Feb 22, 2015

I thought Liz and James R did this race earlier in the year (2014). And maybe a few others.

One of my biking friends told me I should do this.

So I was considering this as an early goal for 2015. We might be able to get a ‘big’ group if we can get more of the DC/VA/MD riders interested.

What size unicycle would you ride if you do the race?

Probably the 29" with 150’s and the Hans Dampf light muni tire. My favorite for not too technical XC.

If Liz or Aaron don’t chip in I’ll be seeing Liz next weekend and get the scoop from her in person.


Liz said there were all unicycle sizes from 24 to 36. Aaron suggested I use my 36" with 150’s. I ‘was’ thinking go 29 with 125’s. It doesn’t sound too technical and fairly flat.

Hmmm! If I start getting proficient with fast 36" free mounts- or go with the light 29" known quantity. Fast spin and confidence might win for me. Several months to decide…


Monstercross 2015


I’d recommend a 29 or 36 for this race! There is some bike rutted grass ( over 600 bikes and a pro series usually rides this race) maybe 2-4 miles paved will some hills. Gravel rds, and flat horse paths. Nothing super techy. Although prizes not listed now under unicycle division, the race director has promised 4-6 deep. Jersey for first and free reg for 2016. It’s at Pocahontas state park.
I’m going to try for riding my 36. Did it on a 29 " last year.

Come out for a fun day!

Monstercross 2015

Firming up prizes… And he is going to give us a discount code for registration to save a few bucks!
My etched beer glass is a prized possession I use often to remind me of the fun day!

These were last years times,
Winner on a 36 1:57
Next 3 on 29’s 3:00, 3:00, 3:06
Then a 24

Let me know when the discount code is available. $70 is a lot of dough for one 21 mile race!!!

I’d like to do this race but price is a consideration. And I have a price point.

We all spent less on three days of muni fun in Douthat inluding awesome accommodation.



Reg costs

I’m waiting to hear back on discount!
It will be a significant savings I believe since we are doing half the mileage.
These events can be a bit spendy while registering but after the event…the pint glass and t shirt mean way more to me than expected as I’d only gone 20 miles once or twice prior to the race.

Totally would not recommend anyone doing this on a 24, it will take so long the food may be gone.

Discount codes for monstercross 2015- until Dec 23

News Details for Monstercross 2015 Unicycle division.

2 Distances

21 mile- use discount code uni21 to pay $40 for event :sunglasses:

50 mile- use discount code uni50 to pay $60 for event :stuck_out_tongue:

Event registration includes
Tshirt ( first 600 people)
Etched pint glass ( first 600 people)
Meal ticket
Beer ticket

Discounts active until Dec 23 !!!

Hurry and show your unicyclist support for this event! Let’s show them how many of us there really are! Let’s make it a fun day!

It’s a fabulous coarse to test yourselves on.

Working on uni prizes.

Great job on the discount code Liz. You made an excellent point on the fun per dollar basis and missing out on being part of the event.

pax has registered

Time to start training : )))

Under “Who’s Registered?” there is only one category for Unicycle. It does not say whether it is 21 or 50 miles.

I’m 21 (although really I’m 50)

Who’s registered

6 Riders !!! Awesome.

On who’s registered page it only shows name under a general unicycle section.

I will ask mark if he can show under who’s registered…which distance they are in for those trying to decide :wink:

To register for the event the 21 mile choice is near the top of category page and the 50 mile is near the bottom.


We need more riders! I’m in for the 50, registering tonight. Right now there is a glitch with the discount code that will be cleared up after 5pm (EST)

Looks like we’ve got at least 3 in the 50…Richardson, Aaron and myself.

Is it possible to rename this thread?

I just signed up for the 21-miler. Now I can spend the next two months agonizing about whether to ride my 36, which I’ve never ridden off-road (and why I didn’t sign up for the 50-miler), or my 29, which is my go-to municycle. And what crank length?! It’s going to drive me insane.

10 riders :slight_smile:

Great job everyone on getting signed up early. There’s a few hold outs. A few riders will move from the 21 over to the 50 category, they just have to contact Mark.
If anyone is coming to town a day or so early let me know and we’ll hit some muni or gravel road practice before the race.
Kram, it’s not super technical so it’s a great route to challenge yourself and try your 36". It’s mind over matter road versus dirt rd/double track trail. (esp if you muni) Bring your 29" and if the weather has turned the coarse crappy, you can ride in your comfort zone.

marK, I saw you riding the C&O canal tow path on your 36 with 125’s making it look easy on the gravel/dirt. Looking at James R’s video of last year’s race it doesn’t appear that the MonsterCross surfaces are any more difficult.

Personally I’m planning on using my 36" and my dilemma is 137’s or 150’s. I’ll keep the 125’s for black top. May depend on the weather forecast and how deep the snow is : o

Snow- okay- it’ll be the 29’er.

There are now 10 unicyclists registered out of a total of 338 entries. 3%-ers?

This is going to be one of the Big East Coast uni gatherings of the year- last couple of days to register at a discount. See Liz’ post on page 1.


Liz beat me to it. +1 what she said.

Ride what you train with. You can try out a few different configurations over the next couple of weeks, but I’d suggest making a choice with at least a month to go, so you can do three or four substantive training rides on exactly the configuration you’ll be racing. Don’t change it up at the last minute.

(And if you haven’t done 36er MUni, the 29er is very likely to be better for you).

What are the chances of having this event moved closer to me? :stuck_out_tongue:

10 riders is awesome! Have fun!