Unicycle Race on Larry King Show

Check out the footage here


Pasted the wrong link. Sorry.


I think you may have the wrong link.

Yep, it’s here: http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/6415277/
(Btw, the Race (referred to in the video above) was this morning and it was amazing…amazingly bone jarring! Everyone did a fantastic job!) :slight_smile:

Thanks, Terry! And congrats on the win!

Thanks Austin. Since finishing the race, my quads are still way sore! Probably because I just pushed myself to ride as fast as possible, all the way down, with no letup. It was steep and very technical, and I hardly used my brake…which I regret. The constant back pressuring was a must, and still I was flying!

Weird to have this much pain given that I ride this type of stuff regularly, and for the past 4 1/2 years straight! I just don’t usually ride that fast for such a sustained, long steep and technical descent.

Here’s a couple pics of me riding some of it before we started. It was like this for a lot of the way down, and much steeper than it looks!