unicycle race - Matlock, England

Hello guys and gals

I’m running an event in Matlock on Sunday September 11th to celebrate the centenary of the town park.

things planned so far are
penny farthing race
youth cycle racing
roller racing
bike polo
unicycle hockey
Dr Bike

we have now added to the list…a unicycle race. 25 minute race. video of course can be seen here

The course is about .7km long and flat.
Race (like the penny farthing race) will be covered by TLI racing insurance.
Should be a good crowd out in the park to watch.

Anyone want to enter, contact me via the event website http://penniesinthepark.co.uk/richard thoday

Just a note to tie the the forums together… there is more discussion on the UK forum. It looks like this is a definate.