Unicycle Pub Crawl - Not one of my better ideas!

Had a half baked idea of doing a unicycle pub crawl.

During my ride and testing the route / beers, I discovered that ‘Faceplant’ is a dish served with gravel.

As an event I dont think this one’s a go’er:o.

I have found that beer and Uni do don’t mix well. I think that I am as good of a rider drunk as I am sober. I think this until I go in for the kiss with the ground. I know all of this yet it doesn’t stop the uni from coming out at every gathering with alcohol at my place. I never learn.

IME unicycle pub crawls tend to get to about one or two pubs before it reaches a really nice pub and everyone decides to stay put.

my fastest speeds on the ol’ kh29Guni are always achieved on the way home from a good crawl.

Jello legs -> Bad for walking…Good for high cadence DH street bombing…

(Always wear a helmet)

pub-crawl = first time I could turn right.

Good times

Unicycle: the ultimate drunk riders cloaking device

Here in Portland the police do give tickets for drunken bike riding and its a bummer when that happens - really ruins the fun for a while and gets expensive.

However, I do think that the unicycle is the ultimate drunken riders/pub crawlers transport device . . . Local police that see you riding will likely either:

  1. Assume that if you are on a unicycle and riding well, then you could not have been drinking because it takes so much balance to ride (yes, its the ultimate field sobriety test)


  1. If you are truly wobbling or face-planting a bit, its because you are riding a unicycle and its just plain hard to balance on a unicycle.

In either case, you aren’t likely to get stopped and questioned - so have a few more beers and ride your uni home - wobbling or not.

Just got back from A & E - - - face looks like one of brycer’s zombies got me :astonished: ! Left hand in splints for a week before I can try using it.

Unicycle B*stards Kick Zombie Ass :sunglasses:


I have yet to ride under the influence of alcohol.

In my experience, its not much more difficult to ride after some brews. The real danger comes from the lack of sound judgement. “I wonder how fast this thing will go?” Seemed like a perfectly reasonable question at the time. As it turns out my body went a bit faster than the uni. I got pretty lucky, some road rash on the palms and a scraped up knee. I wear gloves and helmet now, and now I do the drinkin after the ridin.

naucc :wink:

The uni is my preferred method of transportation, after a long night of drinking, past the time the last tram goes. Never had any problems with that.

I figure if you can’t ride drunk, you can’t ride at all.

Beers and Unicycling

In my experience the unicycle is a police magnet. It is something that piques everyones curiosity and the police always seem to come over and ask whats up so if they give tickets for bicycling while intoxicated I don’t think that unicycling will be a good way to evade the ticket.

On the other hand when I was learning to unicycle I used to to do the two beer test. After I mastered a skill I would drink two beers wait half an hour and see if I could still perform. Great fun!

Here in Israel I have never heard of anyone getting a DWI while on a bycicle so the pub crawl would be in!


Would I be able to ride a fucking unicycle if I were too drunk?

This is probably the best thing someone on the internet has done for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I rode my uni while intoxicated once. Ended with an asphalt sandwich. Haven’t done it since.

My first time on a 36’er was after a few… free-mounted a few times too!

Although I was not smart enough to wear a helmet, I was smart enough to stay on the grass. :sunglasses:

One Christmas holiday a few years ago I was riding back from a friends on my 36" after quite a few drinks… I got stopped by the Police… not just one Policeman… but 12 of them! They stopped me to ask to have a go on the unicycle. :slight_smile:

So after I had let them have a play, they sent me on my way and every Police car that went past me for that evening used it siren to say hello.

As for Pub Crawls… BUC a for a few years running used to have an organised pub crawl.


I can uni WHILE juggling while black out drunk!

It is an interesting sight though.

One does not go from crawling to sprinting without first learning to walk, ergo, one must practice impaired riding before embarking on a full pub crawl.

While I’ve mastered the impaired riding skill, I’ve still yet to master the “carrying leftover food from the pub” skill. My poor sandwich didn’t make it 100 meters from the bar before I used it to steady myself against a wall.

Sounds like you need a backpack.