Unicycle Promo Video

Hey Guys,

This is a promo video I made for the on-campus unicycle club I founded at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles called the Azusa Pacific One Wheelers. I would really appreciate the support of a community like this, and the club has been going really well. We have already taught a few people to ride and a lot more are showing interest. So, if you have a second, give the video a watch and share with your friends/fellow unicyclists. Thanks for your support!

Click the link to watch!

Impressive. Great intro and serious skills. The footplant and spin by the young lady had me watching repeatedly.

That’s silly. I like it :smiley:

I really liked it. The music went well with it.

Maybe a bit overly dramatic, but really well done. I liked it. :sunglasses:

Haha, was that the footplant, the spin or the young lady?
I think I remember seeing her in real, I think in Switzerland, in deed a rider with great appearance and skill.
And if my memory serves me well, I remember some white cowgirl hat.
But wasn’t she a pupil of Mr. Alan Tepper in WA (and not in CA)?
And (addressing the OP) wasn’t her family name maybe …Smith, or am I wrong?