Unicycle prologue

Hi guys… this is my first vid. Its not very good considering that I have been riding for about 2 years, although I have improved much more since making this vid.

— youtube

— vimeo

Please feel free to criticise me in anyway. also I know I’m not on a trials but I am saving up now.

And yes I know that I spelt Prologue wrong!

cool cool!!! :slight_smile:

Looked like a good time. My only crutique is that I don’t like it when the camera gets turned sideways, that may be a personal thing though. Over all I thought it looked like a lot of fun and showed some good skills. I’ve been riding for three years and you were doing a few things I can’t do. Good stuff!

Hey Sam,
Great to see your final video. I still like the haystacks, upon which you sacrificed your unicycle.
And its fun to see Matt & I in the final photo.
Hope to see ya again

that was great, I found it very entertaining! the north shore stuff was really good, I thought.

Yeah, the haystacks were pretty awesome to ride, and I’ve realised if you watch the landing off of them frame by frame you can see the split second that the hub bends!
Oh well… its still ridable.
Same… Canada is much better to ride than england:(