Unicycle problems...

Okay. I got my Trials Unicycle today. The Summit. Here are the problems, tire, rim, hub are crooked. I don’t know why. I can’t see anything bent, but everything leans a very noticeable amount to the side. Second, the crank arms are the same. One pedal screws in, the other doesn’t. Third, the Uni has some scratches on it, but that is fine, I can deal with that. Fourth, when I spin the tire, this black dust type stuff comes out from the hub area. JFAHKFaDSljkdsfsLJFlkjasdfLKJJAHEWKLjlkjdfaklJDldjsaoLDLoadfljal
Okay… I don’t know what to do. In one sense I want to send it back, but I’m afraid I’ll get it in the same condition. I don’t think this is Unicycle.com’s fault but spending the money, that isn’t waht I expected. Please leave some advice. I’m stumped, frustrated, and p*ssed. :frowning:


Re: Unicycle problems…

You need to shim something underneath the bearing on one side to center your
wheel. Send it back dude, talk to uni.com and tell them what’s wrong. My



I would first give John and Amy a call, explain your problems and listen to what they have to say. I’m pretty sure you’ll find a very agreeable solution. Unicycle.com is what they advertise, customer first.


I have no doubts that Unicycle.com can’t help. I’m calling them bright and early, teeheehee. I think all will work out. All I really need is the crank.

Your comment about the black dust from the hub area concerns me. I would be very interested to know what is causing it.


My father thinks it’s fibers from shipping, but I’m not sure. And it could be coming from the crank parts, not the hub. I don’t know.

After you talk to John, let us know what he did. Like Bruce said,
they are very agreeable and will help you out.

Hey, David:

You failed to tell us how your issues were resolved in the ‘Big Group Hug’ thread you started. So what happened with the frame geometry problems, 2 left cranks, etc? If they were do-it-yourself fixes, we might all benifit.


Sorry bout that.

Okay, crooked tire…
We had to move the shims in the fork/frame where it connects to the crank and hub.

Wierd stuff…
The stuff coming out of the hub/crank is nothing to worry about I believe I’m sure whatever happens grease or oil will help.

The crank…
Not resolved.