Unicycle pricing

I’m buying a unicycle tomorrow for 90 bucks, and I want to know if that’s an appropriate price. (I’m 4’11".) The unicycle looks nice, but I don’t know…

It would help if you told us something about the unicycle. Some are a good deal for 90. Most arent. Can you tell us any specs?

Nothing, other than that there’s one that’s slightly bigger for 100 bucks, and a slightly smaller one for 90… Oh, and they look sleek and nice. I’m sure none of this is useful to you whatsoever.

If its 20 inch, I would get the slightly smaller one. If you can figure out which one is 20 inch(im pretty sure one would be) I would get it. Im sure it would be at least a fine learner, especially since it looks sleek and nice :slight_smile:

Man… We really need a brand name, wheel size, hub type (ISIS vs. Square taper vs. Cottered vs. Splined non-ISIS). How about a picture?

You can’t really expect good advice when there are unicycles that cost anywhere from $40-$1200+…

I’m going to buy the smaller one. From what I’ve heard, smaller ones are easier to maneuver, and it’s less expensive anyway. If I really get into unicycling, and this unicycle turns out to be mediocre, I’ll get a better one.

i assume that you plan on growing a lot?

Well… Not really… =’(

I’m fourteen, and from bone age tests, I’m only supposed to grow to five foot six… I’m a boy, by the way. That makes it worse.

I found a 24" uni MUCH easier for me to learn on than a 20". I am 5’9", 205 lbs.

I tried a 24" and couldn’t do it. Purchased the club 20" and picked it up fairly quickly. Especially hopping and such.

I’m 5’9, 150lbs.

I guess it’s all preference.

my learning choices were either a hand-built super heavy 24" with a bicycle seat or a 20" zephyr–i made the right choice with the 20. especially because it is 3x lighter

i am 5’9" and 145

Do you have a picture of either?

And i’d recommend a 20" it’s a nice size to try do a little freestyle, maybe a little trials, and big enough to get around a little.

It’s what most people learn on, I wouldn’t think learning on a 24" would be easier or harder.

But… Should I get something smaller than that because I’m only four eleven?

I wouldn’t recommend it, if you want to ride get a 20", 16" are really for small kids.

You’re ~150cm so that’s not that small. Try measure your inseam. I have about 85 cm inseam (just measured it :-)) and I’m 178cm (5’ 11" - I think…).

So if we use maths (sorry I have some exams tommorow so i’ll pretend i’m revising) to work out the ration 85/178 = 0.4775281 * 150. So if you’re built like me your inseam is 71.6cm. Which by unicycle.co.uk standards makes you just fine to ride a normal 20".


Now go and buy a 20". If you really have troubles, you can always saw the setapost down to as far as the frame will go (real easy just need a saw). if you still have trouble (and I doubt it) invest in some shorter cranks.

Okay, well I decided on the 20" anyway before you posted that message, so I’m glad I made the right choice. My unicycle, which I bought for $100, is a brand-new (though I’ve scratched the seat up a bit) 20" unicycle with the brand name of “Torker”. It’s my favorite color, too! =D

So… Is a Torker unicycle bad? Good? I hope it’s good…

fat tyre? :slight_smile:
torkers are fine learners!

I don’t like the Torkers very much, but it should work as a good beginner uni.

If you want to keep the seat in a relatively nice condition, try wrapping an old towel around it and tying it on.

I hate those stupid Craigslist ads that have a fuzzy picture of something black (or maybe blue) with one wheel, can’t tell if it is 20" or 29"… and it says “Slightly Used Unicycle. I never could learn to ride this thing, but it is yours for $90.”

You call and ask and they can’t tell you if it is a Sun or Torker or Schwinn, and you hear them looking for a ruler to measure the wheel.

I’ve also seen a few where they did not even bother with the picture… :thinking:

Well, I’m learning… Slowly. Um… Does the Torker company have replacement seats… :slight_smile:

Quick question:

What are you doing to kill the seat so much? O_o

I understand the thing likes to fall when you’re learning, but the seat shouldn’t need to be replaced unless it literally falls apart.

And by the time that happens, you’ll be rich enough to buy a very nice unicycle. (Woo-hoo)