unicycle prices

Can anyone give me an approximate idea of what Miyata unicycles are going for
these days? I bought my 24" Miyata deluxe about seven years ago, which cost
about $135 and included two 6" extenders. I recently found a shop in Boulder,
CO, that stocks a couple of Miyatas, but they wanted $200 for a standard 20"
Flamingo, and wanted more for either a deluxe or a 24" unicycle, and yet more
for a 24" deluxe.

And if these are the going prices for Miyatas, what are Semcycles going for?

Inquiring minds are afraid of the answers… but needs to know anyway.

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Re: unicycle prices

Not good, dude. Dube’ is selling the Myata 24" deluxe for over $200. I got it
when it was $160 or thereabouts about 3 years ago. I don’t know why they’re so
expensive now, mabye a tariff or suptin’.


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Re: Unicycle Prices

Note that Dube’s price is only $160.00 for the standard 20" Miyata.

The deluxe 20", however, is indeed just over $200.

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Re: unicycle prices

I just picked up a 24" Semcycle last week for $185 after my old Schwinn died…
I have their other prices at the office if anyone would like the info…