Unicycle PowerKiting

kite surfing, being pulled along by a kite whilst in a little buggy, but has anyone ever tried kiting whilst on their unicycle? i have a power kite and am considering giving it a go…

Give it a go! just make sure to keep the unicycle with ya, cause at some of the heights you can reach, and having the uni fall can brake something =(

I remember someone trying this before, and me mentioning it before in a thread, but he said he wanted it to be under the radar kinda cause he might use the clips in a video. =p

don’t think it’d work well imo, maybe on a BC.

But then still v hard.

I’d honestly have to go with rollerblades or rollerskates.

The fun to me would be to not have to do any work - and you’d have to furiously pedal with a uni once you get going. I’d rather sit back and let the kite do all the work.

Do it on a BC with toe clips. Itd be awsome!

Mango’s given it a go. He wrote a little bit about it here:

Got to agree with bmemike on that one. Not that you can’t do it, but I think the idea of PowerKiting is for the kite to provide the energy for motion. Whether it does or not, a unicycle has to be pedaled. Something that coasts would probably be more rewarding if you’re trying to go places.

But just as a platform for controlling a kite it might be interesting…

Gliding works. You gotta have at least a little resistance to keep the kite in the air so coasting would not work. I had to retrim my kite from the normal kitesurfing settings so that the back lines were alot tighter. That way the kite sat further down towards the ground when it was in its neutral position and not just overhead.

Go for it treepotato. You’ll have a blast. Just be safe!

(i think my icon is still a kitesurfing shot unless ive changed it)

I misread the title as “Powerknitting” which would be more interesting than your idea.

how would powerknitting work

It’s similar to Extreme Embroidery.

it doesnt work ive tried it but u could try it with gliding

i think it would work the best if you taped your feet onto a bc wheel.

i thought about that as i was rading it

I think it would be easier to stay on a BC because the kite is a point of resistance from which you can balance.

Kites can also develop a tremendous amount of pull, and you could wind up going VERY quickly. That combined with toe clips will lead to wearing dentures at an early age.

I think power kiting on a unicycle would be lame. It would be like playing tug of war with a kite. With a good gust of wind, the kite would win.

…it might be fun to combine giraffe riding with sport (not power) kiting.

You guys are missing this. It wont work with a bc or coasting. You need to be pulling on the kite for it to stay in the air. without resistance, the kite will just fall out of the sky.

Gliding uphills nuts!

When it comes to jumping, Most of the tricks you throw in kitesurfing, you only have one hand on the bar (and youre also hooked into your harness). that means that if youre uniing, you still have one hand free to hold the handle when you go for air. That means you get these crazy hang times to do what you want in the air with the uni. I have no idea where you could take that with trials too lol.

The skeptiscism in this thread is starting to bug me. Anything is possible guys! I wanna see encouraging words here! Who’d have thought you could get pulled on a wakeboard by a giant kite in a very controlled manner? Whod have thought you could take a unicycle offroad? It takes crazy ideas to come up with all this fun stuff. Come on now!


I still wanna see that video of you doing it.

You could provide resistance on a BC by leaning back slightly and letting the pull of the kite keep you upright.

Since you’ve tried it, why don’t you tell us a little more about what it was like? Did you get air? Did you feel like you were fighting the kite?

I have a 3.6 meter foil, and a 14 meter LEI on the way. The foil doesn’t have much lift, and I’m more than a little afraid to try it on the LEI.

I don’t mean to be negative, but it doesn’t seem like a good marriage of sports. …but you’ve tried it, what did you think?