Unicycle postage stamps to trade

OK, I’ve just found 3 of those Brirish Postage stamps with a unicycle image on that were isued in 2002. They are 3 of the 2nd class ones which have a caroon picture of a person on a uni on a slack wire. Additionally I have 2 postcards with the same image at a larger size. All are avalible to trade.

I want to trade them for Unicycle stickers or patches. I will be at Unicon this summer and that would be a great time for actual swaps to take place. Alternatively trades could be done by post. If you want to trade please contact me.

For stamp collectors amoung you these stamps are part of a set that was not on sale for long and was not actively promoted by the royal mail as they were busy flogging Queen mother stamps at the time as this press realese shows

Royal Mail to delay issue of Circus stamps until after funeral of Queen Mother

Royal Mail announced today that as a mark of respect for HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, the release date of the Circus Stamps issue will be delayed until Wednesday 10 April. The stamps were due to be released on Tuesday 9 April.
Gavin Macrae, Managing Director Royal Mail stamps and collectibles said: “The Queen Mother has had a long and unique association with Royal Mail. As a mark of respect we are delaying the Circus stamps until after the funeral, which I am sure our customers will understand.”

This picture shows one of these 2nd class stamps, sorry the quality is not too good, its been hard to find a picture of them at all.