Unicycle post

Hey guys, I just wrote up a big post on my website about how I got into unicycling on my website, thought you might like to check it out: http://thetalik.net/

Nice write up on the blog. Based on the YouTube video, your learning curve is obviously much steeper than mine, but I’ll attribute the difference to age.
We got a second KH29 today, this one with the Schwalbe Big Apple tire. It’s a birthday gift for my son, though in practice we plan to share, depending on who prefers the road or muni on any particular ride. At the rate I’m learning, I’ll never keep pace with him anyway, even if he’s riding the 20" DX.

cool write up, and is that lego i see lol, ive got tones of that lol, for cases of extreme boredom now lol:D it is fun though but im sad lol