Unicycle Popularity

Is it just me, or is there a huge amount of unicycles for sale on Ebay. Is unicycling becoming the Xtreme (I hate that word) sport of the month or what. Does everyone think that unicycling is finally taking off, or does this happen every year at Xmas and I never noticed before.

I think the current swell is for Christmas, but the number of unicycles on eBay is definitely increasing. Our sport grows.

More uni’s being sold on ebay could mean more people are selling theres because thay don’t want them. A lot of stuff on ebay is old stuff people don’t want anymore

Actually, I would have to disagree. Istitutional sellers on E-Bay sell the items that sell frequently. That is how they make money. Some people like to think of E-Bay as a huge garage sale were everybody unloads their junk. I find it just the opposite. I go their to get deals on new stuff I would never find at a retail store, or even an online retailer. I just ordered a Nikon Digital Camera for about $100 less than if I bought it locally. So if there are more Unicycles being sold on E-Bay it is likely the demand is increasing.