unicycle poetry

Rolling down the endless road,
Under brush-stroked skies of blue
Brings the colors of joy to the twilight years,
And a peace I never knew

So I’ll make this confession, of my one-wheeled obsession
It’s the only true way I can roll;
I’ve learned to the core, that less is much more
“Half a bike has indeed made me whole!”

T. Peterson

Twilight years? At 58, and twice as fit as anyone I’ve met?

Haha, maybe I should have used “golden years”, but thought it’s a bit overused, and looking it up, it says it refers to “retirement, mostly after age 65”. But then, there’s always “poetic license”. :o

Had a little inspiration during this morning’s ride. Was afraid I’d forget all the words in my head so I stopped to borrow a pen so I could write it down! :slight_smile:

“Uni Nation”
By Terry Peterson

[I]I want to ride forever,
The future’s well in sight
Uni’s beacon calls me,
My one true guiding light

For fitness, fun and sport;
A changing life event
Nothing else holds court,
It’s money so well spent

We welcome riders, young and old,
From every generation
One-wheeled fever has taken hold,
Come join the Uni Nation![/I]

Look, there’s Michael, on his unicycle

Sue thinks he’s great as he does a figure eight.

That’s really cool, can you do other tricks too ?

Yes I can stand on my head while having a big pooh.

No I mean on the unicycle, like, jumps and spins

wheel walking, going backwards, that sort of thing.

Oh! now I understand, you mean tricks as I ride

so, he rides backwards jumps high and does a mean grind.

He rides with such skill as more tricks unfurl

he hopes to impress her and make her his girl.

I love you Michael your the best in the world

her heart is pounding, her head’s in a twirl.

As he somersaults he sees the love in her eyes

he lands it and rides out and to her surprise.

He pulls her close and holds her real tight,

and says the words please meet me tonight.

And she says… oooh Michael :smiley:

This is how the bicycle date was supposed to turn out.

(Blew first date by bringing uni)

Michael was a clever romantic guy. That’s why he arranged to meet her later when she would get all of his attention. Bringing a prop on a firstdate says to a girl that she’s not really enough for you. It’s a distraction that makes the girl feel distant.

That’s how I see it. But I’m just an old fashioned romantic :stuck_out_tongue:

Unicycle Michael continued …

Sue decides to buy a unicyle
So she can impress her boyfriend, Michael.

I wonder what colour, now let me think
She calls up “Bri” and decides on pink :stuck_out_tongue:

She buys a uni and practises hard
Everyday in her own backyard

Finally she’s ready to spring her surprise
N’ show off her uni and prove she can ride

Hi! Michael what do you think
I’ve bought a new uni, coloured “Bri” pink

Hey! that’s a cool uni, but are you able to ride
She jumps on her uni and shows off with pride

She does flips n’ turns just like him
That’s cool he says with a big grin

Now is the time Michael doesn’t tarry
He presents the ring and asks her to marry

And she says ooooh Michael :slight_smile:

Ahh! isn’t that sweet. :smiley:

Michael and Sue’s weeding day. But all is not what it seems…

Wedding bells chime, the big day is here
The crowd has gathered, all in good cheer

There’s Kris and Roger, Terry and Aracer
Alucard and Vertigo and and Sue’s dress maker.

Michael arrives early, best man by his side
Waiting there patiently to be joined with his bride

She arrives a bit late then stumbles and falls
She picks herself up and clings to the walls

She’s drunk as can be and continues to ramble
Her dress is all torn and her hair is a shambles :o

Oh no, this can’t be, says Michael in terror :astonished:
As the alarm bell rings, there’s been some error

The clock alarm, that is :roll_eyes:

Michael wakes up it was all just a dream
He begins to panic, is Sue even real :thinking:

He reaches his arm and picks up the phone
Calls her number but no one’s at home

He begins to panic then hears a knock on the door
He goes downstairs and opens, his faith is restored

It’s Sue right there, beautiful as ever
He holds her tight, says, don’t leave me ever…

To be continued.
Does anybody out there even read this thread ?? :roll_eyes:

Yes, and I love it! :sunglasses:

First time I’ve actually clicked on this thread, and I’m glad I did! What a great story in poetry Unibokk, I look forward to the next installment :slight_smile:

Thanks AEV D. :slight_smile:

Thanks Juni :slight_smile:

Awwwww, unibokk,
That was lovely :slight_smile:
Was I a bridesmaid ? I’ve never been a bridesmaid :frowning:

I was reading it out loud to hubby and there were ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’
Gripping stuff !

Can we have another instalment soon please :slight_smile:

( PS, Thank you for brightening my day )


Thanks Alucard. Yes that last episode was quite dramatic. I think brides maids are traditionally young unmarried virgins so I’m afraid that role is not for you since your already married :frowning:

But you are definitely up there with the elite. :slight_smile:

I have a new instalment ready and will post it soon :slight_smile:

Sue takes Michael to see her father
Michael asks can I marry your daughter

Father asks, have you seen her mother
Yes! but it’s Sue I want, I’ll take no other :roll_eyes: :o

No! I meant, have you spoken to her mother about your plan
To marry our daughter and be her man

Sorry! I thought you meant … Oh! never mind
Michael is nervous as Sue nudges him from behind :o

Sue’s mom and dad are quite fond of Michael
And very impressed that he can unicycle :wink:

They deliberate together and are of one mind
They like Michael, he’s thoughtful and kind

Sue and Michael have so much in common
He’s her man and she’s his woman

The answer is “yes”, her father announces
You may marry and be each other’s spouses…:smiley:

to be continued…

The trail goes on so very far
Down from from where I parked the car
Now far ahead the trail has gone
And I must follow if I can
Pursuing it on bruising seat
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and trails meet
And whither then, I cannot say.

The big day is here… Michael and his unicycle continued…

The bells are ringing
The big day is here

A big crowd has gathered
They’re all in good cheer

A man climbs the belfry
As the ringing bells sound

A bell hits his face
And he falls to the ground :astonished:

John Foss runs over
To the man who ain’t well

Says, "I don’t know his name
But his face rings a bell :smiley:

“Ah! Now I remember
It was the year ninety three”

"He was riding a Shwinn
And racing against me

“He won in Berlin
I do recall
It’s sad to see
This great champion fall” :frowning:

The man speaks quietly
John inclines his ear

Says the man to John
“Can you get me a beer” :roll_eyes:

“Tut, tut.” Says John
As the ambulance draws close

“No, cos your injured
With a flat bloody nose”

The ambulance men treat him
And take him away

They reassure the crowd
That the man will be ok :slight_smile:

to be continued …:smiley:

A little riddle-haiku for you.

The child rides on four
Two lost with his innocence
Born again on one

His first ride was a pram

He matured to riding a bicycle

Cycling became a whole new experience when he began unicycling :stuck_out_tongue:

Ding ding ding. :slight_smile: