unicycle poetry

Anyone have any good unicycle poetry for a school project? We have to make a book of poetry and i wanted it to have something to do with unicycling. Anyone?




i’m sort of a poet… kinda a little hobby…
lesse… umm…

“The Unicycle”

Take the bike,
Chop off a wheel,
And now you’ve got,
Some one-wheeled appeal!

a hykoo:

really great challenging fun
but it hurts my ____

fill in the blank.


Unicycling is really fun,
but it really hurts my bum.
When i fall over, i land on my feet,
but this last time, gravity had me beat.

One wheel is the way to go,
It really is the best.
but when you land wrong on the seat, <— (you know what I mean…)
You’ll throw up your breakfast.

Heh heh, how true.

Here’s more, but it’s not great. Just ‘doodling’:


that’s a goodun!

Look “Unicycle” up in a poetry index.

cool, i turned that one into a rap

took about 30 seconds…

I ride on only one wheel
my organs I cannot feel
I ride off three foot drops
and jump up one foot hops
Skate parks and urban trials
and cokering many miles
Racking myself on all the falls
gives a new meaning to “blue balls”

Blood on your shins.
Pain in your balls.
What causes this fun?
A unicycle fall.

people look,people stare
i think there looking at my skills or is it my hair?
as i ride around people laugh.
is it becasaue my bike was cut in half?
get over it there easy to do!
but then again then anyone could ride one…even you
wow is it cool wheni start to do trials
or even tell them that ive riden 5 miles
unicycling is my life,thats what it will always be!
its far more than an interest or just a hobby.
so cut in half a normal bike…
or even modify a simple trike
so hop on one and learn how to ride.
amaze yourself and blow others mind!!!

                  the end

no .

At least you’re honest.

I really suck, but that’s okay.
It’s just a hobby anyway!

I ride along the river bank
I’m not that good, in fact , I’m…

…no, we’ll try something else.

As I ride, I see a duck…



My proper name is Michael,
I ride a unicycle
I sometimes ride it in the wood
I sometimes fall off (I’m no good)
I sometimes ride it by the lake
(But not too fast, it’s got no brake)
I ride beside the river too
And post my stories, just for you.

Big wheel keeps on turning
Carryin’ me home to see my kin
Singing songs about the southland
I ride my Coker once agin (an’ I think it’s a sin)