Unicycle Poetry

Hi all,

Ben’s working on writing poetry in English class at school. Here’s one from this afternoon:


Unicycling Down the Mountain
The ragged Seattle Mountains
On a hot humid day
In mid-afternoon
Some other riders falling.
Mud everywhere.
Falling down the drop
Crashing at the end.
Other people pass me,
One other hits a tree.
I see a gap
Hopping sideways across
I feel the adrenalin rush.

Here’s a Haiku:

My unicycle
Lacks any sort of air seat.
How sore my crotch is.

Re: Unicycle Poetry

Kudos to Ben!

Aside: Welcome back Bruce!

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

Yeah, where have you been? I was just thinking about that the other day. “Hmm…where did yoopers go?” :slight_smile:

As Raphael said, Welcome back!


Hi Nikki,

I really haven’t been anywhere special except down on Busy Street. I’m still unemployed and have been hitting the bricks trying to find that elusive dream job and that’s taken up quite some time. In the interim, I’ve been driving a school bus…a far but welcome cry from the ol’ world of engineering. The unemployment has actually been quite wonderful; it’s given me some very much needed time around the home. We’re fine for the time being financially but there is a time coming soon when we won’t be so we’re getting more and more serious with each passing day. Although I have been heard to say, “I don’t know how I ever found time to work for a living before!” Plus the current soccer season just overlapped the next soccer season so we continue with practice 1-3 times per week.

The other thing on the plate is Regionals. Our organizing committee has been preparing for the weekend for some time now and we’re down to the wire. The Midwest Regional Unicycle Competition (http://mruc.unicyclist.com) will be held in Rochelle on April 5 and we’re expecting it to be a blast! Gotta plug it while I’m here. Our club has been meeting several times a week over the past month or so in preparation.

I got an email from GH this week and mentioned in my return email that I’ll try to get back to the “group” here soon. For the time being, my life’s pretty full. Thanks for thinking of us.

yoopers at inwave.com

Is there anything the Edwards kids CAN’T do? Didn’t Ben also write an essay recently which was surprisingly passed over for a Pulitzer prize?

I’m sure you’re referring to this excellent piece…


“Simple things”
By T. Peterson

In the high tech world in which we live
It’s so easy to lose sight
Of the simple things we once embraced
Somehow they just seemed right

Back to the “egg” through the maze of time
To reclaim what’s pure and real
It all goes back to just ONE thing:
The invention of the wheel!

Our love for Uni knows no bounds
We’re a family so diverse
It’s for those who share this singular joy
That I wrote this “Uni Verse”

Muni and Trials, flatland and more
The circle of life spinning 'round
Back in the saddle we greet the new day
Through our love for this sport we are bound