Unicycle Picture/Print/Painting wanted!

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You could have a look at:


There’s contact info at the bottom.


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Bos, check your PMs.

I have the coveted posters from Unicon III (1987, Tokyo) and Unicon VI (1992, Quebec). Those were nice posters, worty of framing. I only got one of the Unicon VI ones. They were posted all over Quebec city, but the organizers didn’t have any loose ones to sell! I had to snag one from somewhere…

From Unicon III I brought home a small stack of the posters, which featured several of my photographs. The organizers wanted pictures of non-Japanese people to advertise the event. As it turned out, hardly anyone pictured on the poster (which included a big track crowd scene from Bowling Green, OH) actually went to that Unicon.

I may have one or two of those Unicon III posters left. They’re about 22 x 30" (roughly) and in full color. I have given many away over the years as MUni Weekend prizes or other things. If I have any left I might sell them for $100 or so. Yup, serious collectors only!


Any chance of us seeing a photo of them or is there a link on the web anywhere showing the posters?



Check out Bruce Holwerda’s art – he has a few unicycle prints – I think his stuff is cool – http://www.bruceholwerda.com/


I don’t think I have any digital images of those posters. I should try to make some and get them posted…

Wow, those are way cool! I notice he is in Michigan. Anyone you know? I wonder where he gets his penchant for unicycles (and other stuff with wheels)? His stuff to me looks like Cirque du Soleil without the budget for fancy costumes and shiny props!

I met him at the A2 art fair one year. Great guy! I have a couple of his prints – there is an old one I have called ‘she got wheel’ that I love.

There is also this guy: Unicycle Artist Mike McCorkle. Something a little different.

I let that page download for thirty minutes, and never got past 14 items remaining. I have DSL by the way, and thing normally download pretty fast. :thinking:

Wow, those last two artists had some interesting/weird things but cool in thier own unique kinda way…