Unicycle Picture/Print/Painting wanted!

Hi, I am after a new picture/print/painting for above my fireplace and would really like something with a unicycle/unicyclist in it. Something subtle would be ideal.

Does anyone know of anything out there? Thanks for any help you can offer… Heidi

I found THIS PAINTING HERE on ebay, but it’s a bit bright, and might not fit the style of your home.

What kind of feel should it have? Whats the color of the wall, and mantle?

Thanks Catboy!

I can’t get the Ebay link to work. Do you have the item number?

The room is all very neutral. The walls are cream and the fireplace is made out of natural stone (cream colour too!). I could introduce any colour but didn’t want anything that is too in your face! :slight_smile:

pm sent

why not get one commissioned?

my gf has got a local artist to do one for my birthday - practically the same price as his usual stuff.

Re: Unicycle Picture/Print/Painting wanted!

whenever this question come up, i have to mention this

it’s still my fav unicycling pic

here’s a bigger version of it
here’s the original album it appeared in
and here is where u can get hold of the owner of the pic

if it’s your kind of thing

If you’re interested in a photo, have a look at my unicycling photo albums here:

Tons of subject matter to choose from, and you can order prints up to 24 x 36". You might want to check with me first on the quality of your chosen image. I can let you know if I think it’s sharp enough to hold up to large-sized printing.

Take a look at NAUCC 2004 for some beautiful mountain shots. Or also the 2004 MUni Weekend pre-rides. Then of course there’s Moab. Or if you want straight scenery, try some of my other albums, such as Travel:

Grand Canyon is nice…

I would love to see it if you have a photo of it. Thanks for the idea.

does anyone know of some unicycling posters other than the Kris Holm one?

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These photos are fab. Just my kind of thing as I love the beach too. They will all be added to my screen saver even if they don’t make it above my fireplace.

Thank you so much.

Thanks John,

What a fab site this is.

I’ll have a good look through the photos later and be in touch.

You are all stars! :slight_smile:

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u could always just mount a rack against the wall above your fireplace and hang your unis there as a very functional display
u know u’re going to have more than one
(if u don’t allready?)

Judy Stoltzfus did a painting that has bears and foxes and rodents riding unicycles in the forest. Then she had a bunch of poster like prints made. I don’t know how to contact her to get one. She hands them out at the Moab Muni Fest. It’s a nice print. I’ve got one framed and hanging on the wall.

Cheers John.

I have just found Judy via Google and have sent her an email. Thanks for your help

Anyone know Judy Stoltzfus email address?

Doh! Email returned from unicycle17@aol.com as user unknown :frowning:

Re: Anyone know Judy Stoltzfus email address?

a forum search on her name yielded these but unfortunately no contact detail in there
a member search only found a Unicycle19, a very inactive member
no 17

i’m quite convinced that there must be people on this forum with contact detail for her
we’re just going to have to wait for the other side of the atlantic to wake up

I would love to see it too - I won’t be getting it for a week or two. The artist is Henderson Cisz, who does a lot of beach scenes (and now one with a uni…). ignore the prices on this website, they’re infinitely cheaper direct from him. - one of the Parisian street scenes with a trials uni or 2 could look great.

Re: Anyone know Judy Stoltzfus email address?

Contact Rolf Thompson. He’ll know the contact info for the Stoltzfus’. Rolf’s email address is on the MoabMuniFest web page (click on the send me a message button).

Thanks for the website…great pictures.

Your picture sounds ideal to me. I would love to see a photo of it when it’s complete.

Re: Re: Anyone know Judy Stoltzfus email address?

Cheers John. I’ve emailed Rolf so hopefully I’ll be able to contact Judy and get to see the bears, foxes, rodents etc riding unicycles soon!!

Thanks everyone for all your help and suggestions. This site is ace!