Unicycle Photo on Cherry Soda--Jones Soda Co.

I bought a 4-pack of Jones Cherry Soda cuz the package had a photo of a thick wheeled unicycle, prolly a 24" heavy duty with grippy metal pedals and rectangular seat, bottom view, laying on its side, submitted by David Atwood, Fort Collins, CO. Photo #5474

I actually replaced 3 cherries with 2 cream sodas and a root beer. It seemed OK.

The box said: Send in your photo, if we like it we will put it on our label.

Let’s inundate them with unicycle shots!!!

Let’s try to monopolize their labels!!!

Here’s the photo. It was on the BOX, not the bottles.

I just registered a submitted a photo of my BC Wheel.


These were there as well…

i searched unicyle on their site and a picture of this goofy looking guy came up and he was from wenersville, pa hahah weiners ville


That one is REALLY nice

there is one of a guy leaning on a bc wheel i think…

I just submitted this one http://www.jonessoda.com/gallery/view.php?ID=694707&offset=1

I posted one up.

Everyone should go vote for it!