Unicycle performance


Here is a short video of one of my unicycle performances i put together to send round to festivals and the like this year. To see my web page follow link from youtube.

I spend a lot of time trying to persuading people unicycling is not a circus skill so this kinda undermines that but; Whilst I recognise that this type of show has connotation of circus, an image which unicycling is trying to shake off, it is a fantastic way to inspire new riders and my show includes a lot of unicycle street and trials tricks. Although i have just realised there are not any in video. And its how i make my money. I would like to keep this type of performance unicycling a separate thing to sport unicyling.

would be great to hear what you think of the video and please rate it on youtube!

You’re very good at talking to the crowd! I really enjoyed that :smiley: Watched it 3 times :slight_smile: I envy your amazing performing skills-ness! How did you’re first ever peformance go?

I’ll see you on Saturday! almost got a team, 4 so far ^^

that. was. awesome!! You are great with the crowd! did you come up with the entire show on your own?

Yeh that is one of my shows i have a few others for other audiences. Glad you liked it

Good job, that show looks worth paying for. :slight_smile:

That was really well done.

Excellent! :smiley:

excellent like emile said, but im curious, did you falled some times on your show?

Sam-how old are you now?

Nice show, was it your own school?

no defnatly not in school haha and im 15 but not for long