Unicycle Performance Ideas --- Help?

Hi Folks,

I’m in the process of getting my show together, it involves a few circus skills but I want to capitalise on my Unicycling abilities and create something more original than the 6 foot giraffe which although tried and tested, and may well have a space in act somewhere, I would rather not rely on it.

I am looking for ideas of something original to do on a unicycle, a friend of mine escapes from a straight jacket which I think it brilliant but he has that.
I can strip down to my boxers but this is more for cabaret and not really suitable for family audiences. I do skipping which is generally a good audience pleaser, and I also jump over volunteers as my finale, but I’m wondering if anyone can think of anything that could be really funny to do on a unicycle in a show…the straight jacket is perfect, lots of potential for gags, and equally impressive.

I’d appreciate any input anyone has.